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Show me Evidence of your Insider Threat Program (ITP).

Show me Evidence of your Insider Threat Program (ITP). That is a question an aspiring Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) company will be asked. Do you know that your Insider Threat Program will need to have on average 10-12 touchpoints with your AGSVA security cleared workforce every year? You should reasonably set aside at least […]

Personnel security is fundamental to good business.

Personnel security is fundamental to good business. Most personnel strive to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. However, it would be negligent to ignore the risk of someone deliberately causing harm or exploiting their positions of trust. The ‘trusted insider’ represents a real and enduring risk to everyday business practices. It is an [...]

How Your Charity Can Strengthen Its Safety Measures With Ease

If you represent or work for a charity, then this article is for you. These types of questions are often asked by not-for-profits, about our service. Program Overview – Please give an overview of the program, including the beneficiaries the program aims to support. We are on a mission to help charities create Trusted Workforces. [...]

How do I prevent a malicious insider threat?

How do I prevent a malicious insider threat? 1:3 data breaches are due to malicious trusted insiders. 90% of senior managers are worried about the insider threat.   A malicious insider's system access and knowledge of business processes can make them hard to detect. But there are practices you can put in place to reduce [...]

Personnel Security (PERSEC) still remains a challenge for DISP Members

Personnel Security (PERSEC) still remains a challenge for DISP Members. The Defence Industry Security Program normally requires a security clearance at some level to work on defence projects and get access to sensitive information – but not at Entry Level. Source: https://defence.gov.au/dsvs/industry/documents/DSPF-DISP-Suitability-Matrix.pdf We have discussed some of the existing deficiencies relating to AS4811 here. As […]

Adjudicative Guidelines – Secret Knowledge Revealed

The Attorney General Adjudicative Guidelines are an important element to any suitability assessment. Here are the elements and concrete examples of each factor area and the frequency of detection. ​ 1/7 Factor area: External loyalties, influences and associations. A security risk may exist when the clearance subject or their immediate family, including cohabitants, and other [...]

How to increase the quality of your candidates by 70%.

Personnel screening isn’t just about weeding out untrustworthy individuals or high-risk workers or to reduce the likelihood of counter-productive workplace behaviours from manifesting. For both employee and employer, the goal of pre employment screening is to find a good match for both parties in order to ensure a positive, productive working relationship for everyone. With […]

“The scheme should screen”. Why a Cyber Security Accreditation or Certification scheme needs to include personnel suitability assessments.

The Australian Government is developing our nation’s next Cyber Security Strategy as part of its commitment to protecting Australians from cyber threats. The new strategy will be a successor to Australia’s landmark 2016 Cyber Security Strategy, which set out the Government’s 4 year plan to advance and protect our interests online backed by a $230 […]

Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What?

Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What? Candidate Convictions and Individualised Assessments The Cleard Life process creates an individualised assessment which evaluates all the important factors surrounding the discovery of adverse information. This includes the nature, type, recently, frequency and severity of the behaviour and most importantly the process allows the candidate to provide […]

Is Ignoring a Candidate’s Digital Footprint Negligent Hiring?

Is ignoring a candidate’s digital footprint negligent hiring? Social media screening in the hiring process is now commonplace. We understand its usefulness in protecting employer brand and business reputation. But we’re also aware of its hidden dangers, potential biases, and legal traps. World governments have differing stances on the practice. Some search the internet to […]

Society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting

Society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting ​Three Royal Commissions have said (Sexual abuse), are saying (Banking) and will say (Aged care) that society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting. Society now trades on trust, but we don’t overtly check a Candidate’s Honesty or Trustworthiness with any sense of […]

Which Suitability Clearance level is right for your personnel?

Which Suitability Clearance level is right for your personnel? How do you select the right one? Does everyone in your organisation need the same level? Answer: Great questions. Using a ‘Scope and Effect’ grading methodology, you can self-assess and guide your organisation in classifying the appropriate level to match your personnel risk management. EXTREMELY LOW […]

Occupations and Cleard Life Clearance Levels – a helpful guide.

Occupations and Cleard Life Clearance Levels – a helpful guide. Which Cleard Life Suitability Clearance level is right for your personnel? How do you select the right one? Does everyone in your organisation need the same level? We have used a ‘Scope and Effect’ grading methodology in a previous post to help self-assess and guide […]

Watch Out! These 3 Background Check Mistakes Will Cost You.

Many small business leaders face major issues when choosing their background check options. And the result is often costly. When you’re a small business owner, choosing the right background checking service is a more demanding and difficult task than it is for a huge corporation, which can draw upon dedicated, more expensive resources. This is […]

Are you Naked? Is Cyber Insurance a Must?

Are you Naked? Is Cyber Insurance a Must?   * 15% of SME’s have cyber insurance. * 1.955 million Australian businesses are not insured. * 70% percent of all businesses are unprepared for a cyber-attack. * 34% of breaches involve malicious internal actors. * 59% of orgs experience at least one malicious insider attack over […]

5 Reasons Why Your NDA is not enough

  Kevin Mitnick, famed computer hacker and computer security consultant put it this way: “They may know that they shouldn’t give out certain information, but the fear of not being nice, the fear of appearing ignorant, the fear of a perceived authority figure – all these are triggers, which can be used by a social […]

Significant changes in Public Sector Hiring are afoot: Are you ready?

If you recruit for the public sector, then you need to be aware of changes that have just occurred. In short, you cannot just simply recommend the best candidate for job, based on merit, anymore. You now need to consider the Candidate’s ‘suitability’ before they are offered a job. Let that sink in. Recruitment needs […]

Security Expert: “In general, the greatest data security risk is posed to organizations by insiders, as they have access to sensitive information on a regular basis, and may know how that information is protected.”

Joseph Steinberg is a cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur who founded the information security companies, Green Armor Solutions and SecureMySocial. He invented several popular cybersecurity technologies in use today, writes a column on cybersecurity for Inc., and is the author of several books on information security. Q. “In general, the greatest data security risk is posed […]

What do you mean suitable?

What do you mean suitable? We mean suitable as defined by the Attorney General’s  Protective Security Policy Framework PSPF12 and PSPF13 and the related Adjudicate Guidelines & associated vetting protocols which includes the whole-of-person concept. Put simply, we look at minimum integrity requirements such as criminal/illegal activity involvement, workplace conduct and any criminal associations. Let’s […]

Job Interview Questions That You Can’t ask … But We Can.

Job Interview Questions That You Can’t ask … But We Can. It’s good to know the difference between Recruiters and the Cleard.life Advanced Background Investigation Agency. What you, as a job interviewer, cannot ask: HR Interviewer: What is your marital status? Cleard.life: We can ask, in order to assess Trustworthiness and Loyalty. HR Interviewer: Have you […]

Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315b opportunity.

​Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315b opportunity. The new report from Alpha Beta for CSIRO/Data61, called “Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315b opportunity” identifies eight strategic areas where Australian businesses can succeed in creating new digital products or services. These opportunities are precision healthcare, digital agriculture, data-driven urban management, cyber-physical security, supply chain integrity, proactive government, legal informatics and […]

How #regtech + suitability clearance = PERSEC compliance.

How #regtech + suitability clearance = PERSEC1 compliance. We are a team suitability experts, engineers and data scientists passionate about building better solutions to stop trusted insiders and counter-productive workplace behaviours from disrupting your workplace, operations and reputation. In this instance, we focus our attention on the #regtech trend and how our solution can apply […]

Are You Vigilant in your Vetting? Types of Background Checks before your Hire.

Troubling research is coming to light concerning the disparity between personnel security ideas and reality. For example (notice the slippery slope as what constitutes good proactive screening): 85% cent have convictions that ‘some’ things should bar employment in their organisation. 1 in 2 (61%) thought police checks ‘essential’ for prudent pre-employment screening 1 in 6 […]

Security Expert: The malevolent insider is the greatest threat to any company as these individuals are operating from a position of trust.

CHRISTOPHER BURGESS ​@burgessct Christopher Burgess is the CEO, President and co-founder of Prevendra. He is an author, speaker, advisor, consultant, and advocate for effective security strategies, be they for your company, home, or family. “The most serious threat to a company’s data security is the…” Insider threat, which comes in two forms: The malevolent insider is […]

Security Expert: well-executed inside job will always wreak the most havoc and inflict the most pain: ‘trust but verify’ your insiders’ backgrounds.

JAMES GOODNOW @JamesGoodnow James Goodnow is a brilliant, creative, compassionate attorney and a technology aficionado in Phoenix, Arizona who’s been named one of America’s Techiest Lawyers by the ABA Journal, the official publication of the American Bar Association. Apple actually selected him as the first lawyer to be featured in one of its commercials, and also […]

How to keep your next event safe. 

  Pre-employment screening service  We are delighted to have the opportunity to outline a recruitment solution that will dramatically reduce hiring risks, while not interrupting your recruitment processes, and complete the vetting assessments in the fastest time possible. Although we have not yet been able to customise our response to your specific hiring needs and requirements. […]