NPCs Done Differently: How the Cleard.life qualification differs from a traditional National Police Check.

Q. Do National Police Check (NPC) results show up ALL the results?

 In short: No.

For a small amount of money, you can go to a plethora of websites, apply to “Crimtrac” and obtain a Police check and the result will show any “disclosable court outcome”. Did you notice the qualifier “disclosable”? This means that some outcomes are not disclosable. Some security clearance applications NPCs allow for a “Full Disclosure”.

So the application reaches Crimtrac and then is sent to every state & territories police service for searching. The results which are returned have been screened out for relevance (including time limits) and the results are based on the enabling legislation, which differs in every state. In short it gets confusing about how much filtering is going on and for what reason … but simply put, you don’t get all: the Candidate and the Employer are not sure what might show up.

Research states that 60 percent of those with criminal convictions failed to admit them during the recruitment process, even when asked.

Why is that?

Because they want the job! They want to impress the recruiter, hiring manager, the CEO. The Interviewer and Candidate – both – are often conflicted because both don’t want to spend precious minutes talking about a negative moments in the past.

In an older PriceWaterhouseCooper research paper, it indicated that the evidence “suggests a correlation between people who commit fraud and people who lie on their CVs.”

To compound the problem, the Recruiter is not a personnel security analyst or intelligence officer, who is qualified to analyse adverse findings (for example Cert IV in Government Vetting). In contrast, the Recruiter’s job is based upon their skills and ability to attract the most competent person into the job – the faster the better. The system (including due diligence and timing factors) are generally not set up for much an independent view of their background.

Without hiring a private investigator each time you want to hire a person or relying on a $42 police check, finally, you can get the quality result you need, with the right level of independence, at the tight time.

NPCs Done Differently: How is the Cleard.life qualification differs from a traditional National Police Check.

As the Candidate has willingly signed a general consent and is willing to participate truthfully, our experienced security vetting officers are also professionally trained to set up a truth telling environment and to ask certain types of questions which allow the Candidate an opportunity to offer honest answers first time around. In short, we know and we can find out. But more importantly, we have the objectivity required, the time to listen and ability to hear the whole story, not just a black and white NPC result.

The Sponsor/employer can also furnish potentially adverse, conflicting or doubtful information to us before the interview (eg. CV discrepancy, a previous supervisor mentioned a security breach, or a poor credit check, or bad social media posts).

Any and all matters will be discussed with the vetting officer and then & only then, can the interview be analysed and screened through the Attorney’s Generals’ standards and guidelines for Honesty, Trustworthiness, Tolerance, Maturity, Loyalty and Resilience. Then and only then can the Recommendation be achieved: For Sure, Think So, Doubt It, No Way.

Our four levels of service all differ slightly in the level of probing, length of interview & coverage time and standards. Please contact us today (02) 61-71-41-71 to discuss your pre-employment security standards and recruitment plan.

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