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How would you feel if the surgeon who was about to operate on you falsified their medical degree? How would you react if you learned that a financial controller had a hidden fraud conviction? Would you like your daughter to work for a manager who was allowed to quietly resign from his last job after sexually harassing his female colleagues?

At Cleard Life, we all come to work every day because we want to help solve the biggest problem in background screening. Poor screening practices not only undermine the merit-based selection process, they can also result in hiring an employee who lacks integrity which means that the organisation is not hiring the requisite expertise for the role. Poor hiring decisions can harm the employer in many ways. Detrimental effects include rehiring and training costs, health and safety risks, poorer provision of employer’s services and impairing the organisation’s reputation, trust and confidence.

Since 2010, we have been entrusted by the Australian government, Fortune 500 companies and small to medium organisations to provide discreet, timely and accurate screening solutions that support them in making sound, fact-based HR decisions. As a result, we have conducted thousands of one-on-one interviews, referee reports and verification transactions, tailored to the requirements of the organisations we work with. We know how to reduce the risk of a bad hire.

What is the one thing HR managers are missing when hiring candidates?

The Evolution of Intelligent Virtual Vetting Officer

More than 440,000 people in Australia have been screened using the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and the Australian Government Personnel Security Protocols. It is by far Australia’s most widely used, comprehensive and consistently applied integrity standard. However, the protocols have been criticised as being too costly, too time consuming and too exclusive.

These protocols were declassified by the federal government in 2010. Crown Vetting has been a security vetting agency and processor of national security clearance for more than decade. During this time, it’s sister company Cleard Life was born and CEO Edward Barker began to build a team of vetting officers, software engineers and data scientists to create an approach that was not only better but faster and cheaper. The result? The world’s first PSPF-compliant Augmented Intelligence (AI) screening solution, custom-built for any Australian employer to access.

The virtual vetting officer, named Stephanie, is a human-looking digital worker that uses natural language processing, sentiment analysis and deep learning. In the background, she is learning how to analyse and recommend a person for a position of trust. If the appropriate levels of Honesty, Trustworthiness, Tolerance, Maturity, Loyalty and Resilience are for one reason or another not met, then the AI-enabled software together with expert vetting professionals  may need to recommend an adverse or caution result.


I am Stephanie, Australia’s first Augmented Intelligence Vetting Officer. I can help you screen your candidate’s background quickly, securely and confidentially.

When an employer places a CL0: The Basic Assessment order using the Vetting As A Service (VAAS) platform, the candidate will be texted a verification code to start the one-on-one interview with me 24/7/365. Once the interview is complete, it is reviewed by expert human vetting officers. Want to know what dimensions I cover? Click here.