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Stephanie by Cleard.Life is a world first, developed by industry leaders to solve the challenge of avoiding bad hires and biased decision making in the recruitment process.


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Whether you are a government department, a large corporate or a small start-up, hiring decisions require a considerable investment of time and resources.

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Protect Your Reputation

The implications can be catastrophic for organisations that serve ‘at risk’ members of society, or handle personally identifiable information (PII), or trusted insiders who work with trade secrets.

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Endless Applications

We service a wide range of industries. If you are hiring candidates or wanting to vet your current employees, you need Stephanie on your team.

Government Sector

We have extensive experience assisting government with the screening and vetting of candidates.

  • Australian Government Security Vetting Agency
  • For nearly a decade our team has worked alongside the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) to conduct clearances in order to reduce the system backlog and drive efficiencies. The AGSVA is the central agency responsible for processing and granting security clearances for most of the Government agencies in Australia.

  • Local And State Government Agencies and Procurement Due Diligence
  • We can help local and state government departments vet Candidate’s for any ‘position of trust’ in a streamlined and consistent way, without duplication of existing processes. We also work with procurement teams by checking the background of shortlisted Tenderer’s key personnel – at no cost to the procurement team – which drives efficiencies and effectiveness of the due diligence process.

  • Large Workforce Cohorts
  • The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) employs 80,000 temporary workers. State Electoral Commissions also employ large numbers of citizens for a very short periods of time. Foreign influence in our democracy is at an all-time high but currently this element is not being checked adequately. ABS Census (17,000) and MyHealth Record system users (900,000) are required to be screened properly for suitability but are not. Because Stephanie does much more than a basic Police Check and is super-fast, Candidates can now be assessed before they are offered a job or a login/password is issued. So, whatever your requirement or scale, you can count on Cleard life to raise the standard with you.


Business Sector

Stephanie is the perfect freelance employee and works alongside businesses of all shapes and sizes. With more than 85% of companies experiencing a cyber breach in the past three years, businesses are making sure that their next hire is not a menace to their reputation. Trust, not loyalty is the new commodity and making sure, really sure, your staff are trustworthy is a logical element to this. Scalable plans mean that Stephanie can assist small businesses to make sound hiring decisions as well as having the capacity to help with the customised screening needs of large corporations.

Community Services Sector

Stephanie’s unbiased, in-depth screening makes her the perfect fit to help organisations that offer services and assistance to ‘at risk’ or ‘disadvantaged’ members of society. With 1 in 6 Working With Children Check (WWCC) Card Holders having a criminal history record that are deliberately not assessed by WWCC authorities, you can now truly protect the vulnerable you serve and your reputation.

This includes government and private sector facilities that work with the aged, people with disabilities, in childcare services and schools.

Taking care of the vulnerable in Australia’s society is of the utmost importance, trust Stephanie to do the up-front work for you.


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