What’s the #1 mistake organisations make when hiring temporary workers (and how can they avoid it)?

The #1 mistake companies make in hiring temporary workers is … not vetting them as if they will be there permanently.

Solution? A Pre-employment screening service especially designed for Temps.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to outline a recruitment solution for your temporary workforce that will dramatically reduce reputation loss and hiring risks, while not interrupting your recruitment processes, and complete vetting assessments in the fastest time possible.

Although we have not yet been able to customise our response to your specific hiring needs and requirements, we hope that this proposal will allow us to meet your representatives to discuss your needs and this proposal.


We know that you recruit dozens or hundreds (potentially thousands or even tens of thousands) of temporary staff who are needed for some very short periods of time. These times are some of the most visible and publicly engaged events in Australia. Inside your temporary cohort we estimate that there might be 1 in 20 who have criminal convictions. Some (1 in 25) might also have a debilitating mental health issue or personality vulnerability making them untrustworthy or not resilient or prone to malfeasance inside your official process. More will have financial issues, making them very susceptible to fraud or theft. They will have the occasion to steal. Who knows, others may have divided loyalties and have relevant and significant overseas connections (eg. overseas officials) who want to tamper with your process.

  • 1 in 4 fail pre-employment integrity tests. Click here
  • 1 in 4 potential employees admit to behaviours that most employers consider high-risk.  Click here

Your process needs to be (and seen to be) beyond reproach.

Temporary staff represent you. They are the face of your organisation to potentially millions of people and can reflect poorly or negatively on you and your process. Imagine if just one of them showed to work high or drunk?

Although we don’t claim to know your personnel security screening process in detail, other than ID verification, do you do more than a criminal history check? Does your process delve into the patterns of wrongdoing, ask the hard questions and then standardised results appropriately, without bias or discrimination? Is your security background screening process robust enough to detect, address and assess many types of risks for each and every member of your temporary workforce?

Would the public expect this of you?


10 dimensional background check within 3 days, powered by a national security vetting leader.

Using our service you will be able to:

  • Increase public safety
  • Better comply with Australian Standards employment screening standards
  • Limit liability and reputation loss (by not hiring an undesirable/unsuitable person who takes advantage an “opportunity”)
  • Avoid the loss of ‘on the day’ interruptions
  • Increase stakeholder assurances that you have ‘suitable’ people in all the right positions
  • Reduce public or media backlash due to a personnel-related incident.

Step 1. You decide about who needs to undergo a Cleard.life “CL1” check. The Candidate signs a Statutory Declaration (general consent) to the effect that they will undergo the Suitability Assessment Interview (SAI) honestly and submits it to you. You provide us only the Candidate’s first name and their contact number. The Candidate is contacted by us and is introduced to our process. An interview time is arranged. The Candidate is interviewed by us for around one hour, in which their background is comprehensively explored and any and all relevant concerns in their life are probed. NB: the Candidate’s identity is NOT established by us (an intriguing feature which we can discuss further).

Step 2. Usually within one hour of the completion of the interview, the Vetting Officer develops a ‘quick assessment’ Suitability Analysis Report (SAR) to identify if any issues or concerns are present. If so, the analysis discusses the relevant aggravating and mitigating factors which are present in the person’s life. This is not delivered to you which dissolves any anti-discrimination arguments, however a third-party auditor can review samples from an assurance point of view.

Step 3. We send you an overall Recommendation (REC) which considers any issues or concern/s that have been discovered. You receive the following result:
· “For sure” – No issues identified or a very high level of confidence that the risk has been reduced to an acceptable level.
· “Think so” – Confident that the risk has been reduced to an acceptable level.
· “Doubt it” – Doubts linger concerning the mitigating factors outweighing the aggravating factors.
· “No way” – The aggravating factors have outweighed the mitigating factors.

.        The CL1: The Standard Assessment
·        1.5 hours of qualified expert vetting including:
·        One-on-One phone interview focusing on the Candidate’s last ten years
·        Post-interview factor area analysis (SAR)
·        Suitability Recommendation
·        (Likened to the depth of a SECRET/NV1 national security interview)

1. Makes your hiring determinations better, safer and more compliant
2. Capability – you will have access to qualified, security cleared, high end practitioners and experts in the field
3. Fast Assessments – usually within three business days
4. Capacity – using our nationwide Vetting Officer network we can deliver large-scale capacity
5. We can create an API interface with our CRM to your HRIS.
6. Value for money.

Using us to augment your security background screening process protects your vital process. We are here to assist you.

Should you wish to discuss any matters relevant to this, please do not hesitate to contact me on 02-6171-4171.

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