Having your candidates “Clearance Ready”, “Defence Ready” is essential.

We are Australia’s number 1 security clearance solution provider for Defence, Cyber, Aerospace and Critical Infrastructure.

Clearances, Sorted.

Our goal is to create trusted and vetted workforces and we have been providing security clearance advice and recommendations to various commonwealth government agencies since 2010.


Cleard Plus pre-vets, sponsors, facilitates (assists candidates with their security clearance applications) and then manages your AGSVA Baselines, NV1s, NV2s security clearances.

Cleard Plus monitors and mitigates risks associated with security clearances. It ensures the defence industry maintains personnel security responsibilities and safeguards. It improves industry’s ability to protect themselves from trusted insider threats.

In short it is Australia’s “Security Officer-As-A-Service”.


How do we do it?

The four main processes are:

  • 4811 (Australian Standards for Employment Screening ) ID checks
  • Pre-vetting (CL0,CL1,CL2,CL3)
  • AGSVA Sponsor and Application Facilitation (BSL, NV1, NV2)
  • Active Maintenance (Induction, Training, Awareness, Briefings, Reporting).



  1. Ensure that all your staff are cleared to work
  2. Save time by pre-vetting your workers
  3. Save money by outsourcing specialist niche security officer capability
  4. Improve the effective management and unification of your AGSVA clearance portfolio
  5. Increase your ability to get your workforce through an AGSVA clearance process
  6. Receive a trusted and vetted workforce (ISM P10)
  7. Reduce the burden of ongoing administration & reporting requirements
  8. Accelerate your security posture remaining compliant with DISP Obligations
  9. Comply with Insider Threat Management Programs controls (ISM Control 1625)


In our network

DTC – Defence Teaming Centre
Defence – Department of Defence
AGSVA – Australian Government Security Vetting Agency
ASD – Australian Signals Directorate
DISO – Defence Industry Security Office
A3C – Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre
DISP – Defence Industry Security Program
AIDN – Australia Industry & Defence Network
CDIC / ODIS – Office of Defence Industry Support
ACSC – Australian Cyber Security Centre
AustCyber – Australian Cyber Security Growth Network
Defence Jobs Queensland


You saved us by taking on our previously cleared staff who did not have a current sponsor because we could not sponsor at the required higher level- we could have lost our contract. Huge thanks. – Ben, DISP Member

Our Defence Prime put us in touch with Cleard life, because they are not willing to manage clearances for their supply chain. – Cain, Aspiring-DISP Member

We have staff who need to get on Defence Bases easily without friction or escorts and manage SO functions. The service helps us do exactly that. – Alistair, DISP Applicant

My company has aspiring IRAP Assessors and they need AGSVA NV1s, thanks for working with us on this. – Jason, Non-DISP Member


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