How we are partnering in large scale Defence projects early and responding to needs pre-emptively.

As a leader in national security clearances, we also have a B2B background screening solution that can be incorporated into large scale projects and bid proposals. For example, if the buyer (Defence, Prime etc) require key management (and staff generally) to hold security clearances but a SME does not yet have those credentials, it holds them at a perceived disadvantage.

A check demonstrates risk reduction. 

The average wait time for some clearances exceeds two years. 1:20 have illegal conduct issues in their past. More than 1:25 are unable to get certain clearances due to being assessed as unsuitable. Others are simply not eligible because of uncheckable backgrounds rules (relating to extended overseas periods).

A check, powered by official security vetting officers generates results in as little as 3 days.

SMEs now have access to this reputable, military grade pre-security clearance check credential. The check demonstrates:
(a) the risk of excessive personnel management delays and subsequent project overruns are been actively managed and appropriately considered and
(b) the businesses have pre-screened ‘suitable’ and ‘eligible’ personnel who are “ready, willing and able”.

From AGSVA’s perspective, the check ‘knocks-out’ problematic cases before the epack application process even begins. The official process and throughput is therefore incrementally faster.

As an Australian SME ourselves, we are proud to be partnering with improving Australian industry involvement in Defence projects.

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