5 Things To Present and Position Your Company As A Trusted Third-Party Partner

5 Things To Present and Position Your Company As A Trusted Third-Party Partner

Most of the B2B companies look for long term relationships with big companies. It is not an easy job to gain their trust to grab long term contract. Assume a big client of yours’ wants appropriate personnel security measures to be in place within your company to continue business with them.
Here are some typical questions they might ask:

1. Does your business conduct screening of prospective employees? If yes, please indicate which screening measures your business undertakes:

a) Criminal History Checks
b) Reference Checks
c) Criminal History Checks
d) VEVO Checks 

If your business conducts other checks including identity assurance activities (driver’s license, passport etc.) Please describe?

Advice: When answering this question, we recommend that you complement your existing measures with an integrity check. Why? Because a standardized character check investigates the background of your people across all the dimensions that matter before they step foot into your workplace. Any dubious or adverse issues are dealt with up front – so there are no surprises down the track.

2. Does your business have a drug and alcohol policy in placed within your company? If yes, please briefly describe what the policy is, what measures are taken, and what the process is for dealing with an adverse outcome.

Advice: With 1 in 50 employees under the effect of the illegal drug ICE and 1 in 36 using marijuana regularly, you cannot afford the risk of losing your contract with your major client because you didn’t ask the right questions of your staff. Based on your industry, you may not need them to ‘pee-in-a-cup’, but it would be negligent in our day and age not to even check. Having someone making decisions under the influence can be damaging in so many ways. At a minimum, we suggest a zero-tolerance illegal drug use policy and mandatory reporting for observations of workplace drug use.

3a. If your business conducts criminal history checks, please describe whether a policy exists for dealing with an adverse outcome, and if so, what that policy is.

Advice: If 1 in 6 working with children check holders have a criminal record, we would expect that inside your business, there lies beneath the surface criminal histories that have not been evaluated by your company. That is an undefined risk. A suitability clearance will interview the candidate and investigate, detect and probe adverse criminal history and patterns. It considers the information in the context of a whole-of-person analysis and adjudicates appropriately, non-discriminatorily and consistently.

3b. Does the answer meet with Australian Standards 4811 2022 Workforce Screening? 

4. Does your business periodically review its screening processes? If yes, please describe how often these are reviewed.

Advice: Investigate how an Attorney General’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) compliant suitability clearance can easily be incorporated into your recruitment shortlisting process, tender process or your third-party due diligence program. As a leader in national security clearances, the pre-employment marketplace has also recently endorsed our range of Suitability Assessments and also our easy to use “Vetting As A Service” platform which also has API integration capabilities back into your own HRIS or compliance platform.

5. Does your business require current staff to self-report any criminal convictions? If yes, please describe how this process take place, and what the review process includes.

Advice: Add a HR policy that states that any criminal convictions must be self-reported (say to the HR Director or Security Officer for example). And this event will trigger the person to complete a fresh suitability clearance considering this change of circumstance.


Most personnel strive to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. However, it would be negligent to ignore the risk of someone deliberately causing harm or exploiting their positions of trust. The ‘trusted insider’ represents a real and enduring risk to everyday business practices. Insider activity is at the very least embarrassing and damaging to an organisation’s reputation, but it can also be disruptive, expensive and life threatening.


So whether you want to establish your company as a Bonafide Trusted Third-Party Partner, or want to enhance your existing personnel security measures or have been asked by a client to demonstrate how you are group of trusted individuals, then a suitability assessment from Cleard Life is worth considering.

Contact Cleard Life today. Call 02-6171-4171 or sales@cleard.life for your free Suitability Assessment (valued at $169) or click here to join.


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