Unlocking Opportunities in Defence Contracts like Defence Base Services Transformation – BST

Facilitating prime and subprime contractor participation in defence projects through expert clearance sponsorship and management.

In the rapidly evolving defence sector, securing appropriate security clearances is paramount for both prime contractors and their subcontractors. Cleard Life, a prominent Australian firm specialising in security vetting, provides essential services through its Cleard Plus program to support the Department of Defence’s Base Services Transformation Program.

Cleard Plus is expertly designed to streamline the complex process of obtaining AGSVA Baselines, NV1, and NV2 security clearances. This comprehensive service ensures that all personnel, whether involved directly as prime contractors or indirectly as subcontractors, are thoroughly vetted and compliant with the stringent requirements of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). By facilitating these essential clearances, Cleard Life plays a critical role in safeguarding sensitive projects and information, thereby significantly mitigating potential insider threats.

Cleard Life also offers co-sponsoring solution for security clearances (essentially a Security Officer As A Service), which is particularly beneficial for organisations that are able to sponsor their own clearances, but find it difficult to actively manage the day-to-day details or can’t sponsor at a very high level. This service is crucial for companies involved in the defence sector who need to comply with security requirements but either lack the DISP membership or capacity and capability to manage clearances inhouse. By co-sponsoring clearances, Cleard Life helps these organisations ensure that their personnel meet all their responsibilities, are cleared and ready to handle sensitive information, thus supporting their participation in critical defence projects.

The advantages of partnering with Cleard Life extend beyond simple compliance. Our robust AS4811-2022 pre-vetting processes include detailed ID and police checks, risk assessments, sponsorship facilitation, and comprehensive application assistance for security clearances. We can register an interest in an existing clearance, facilitate the reactivation of a non-active one, upgrade a clearance (eg. Basline to NV2) or start from scratch. We speed and smooth out the process. Furthermore, Cleard Life offers ongoing support through the Insider Threat Management Centre which includes specialised training and briefings, ensuring that security standards are continuously upheld throughout the duration of Defence contracts.

The DISP Member gets a 24/7 Security Register Governance Dashboard, so their SO can easily see the status of their entire clearance portfolio at a glance. They can within seconds export the data into their Master Security Register, for any deep dive DISO Audits that may come their way. We hold all the artefacts – mandatory training certificates, quarterly updates, travel de/briefings and changes of circumstances – that our SO’s submit on their behalf.

This proactive approach not only enhances the security posture of organisations but also builds a foundation of trust and reliability, essential for the successful execution of Defence projects. By ensuring that both prime and subcontractor teams are clearance-ready and defence-ready, Cleard Life helps streamline project onboarding, reduces delays due to security clearance issues, and enhances overall project efficiency.

As the Defence sector continues to expand and evolve, the need for rigorous security measures becomes increasingly critical. Cleard Life’s dedicated PERSEC services ensure that all parties involved in Defence projects are fully prepared to meet these challenges head-on, fostering a secure and compliant environment that supports the strategic goals of Australia’s Defence initiatives.

For prime contractors, we provide comprehensive services to ensure all team members are fully vetted and meet the stringent requirements of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).

For subcontractors, particularly those not holding high-level DISP memberships who are unable to sponsor and manage their own clearances, Cleard Life offers vital support. We handle the complexities of clearance sponsorship and management, enabling these subcontractors to participate in sensitive defence projects without the administrative burden. This not only facilitates compliance and enhances security but also opens up opportunities for smaller contractors to contribute to national defence initiatives.


For organisations looking to navigate the complexities of security clearance in the defence sector, needing security cleared staff to respond to an RFT , partnering with Cleard Life offers a strategic advantage, ensuring that our workforce is not only compliant but also primed for success in this high-stakes field.

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reference: Base Services Transformation Program




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