1 in 4 potential employees admit to behaviours that most employers consider high-risk. HR Managers and Risk Managers need to get onto the same page.

Independent university studies have demonstrated the value of integrity tests that screen for hostility, drug and alcohol abuse, theft and lying in the pre-employment phase. But these tests have yet to reach their full potential because of employer concerns about lawsuits, reducing their talent pools or the difficulty they have in breaking down risk management and human resources silos.

While reducing employee theft was the initial goal, researchers discovered such testing could have other positive benefits, including with reducing workers comp costs, because potential employees who are inclined to steal can do so in multiple ways, such as malingering or faking injuries, said Craig Nelson, senior vice president of New York-based consultancy Corporate Risk Solutions L.L.C.

“If you only have $10,000 or $20,000 to improve your program, this is a great way,” 

The silos that exist between risk management and human resources departments serve as a major barrier, with HR officials questioning why risk managers are wandering onto their terrain, observers say.

“They have trouble filling positions, and when you add other things like drug testing and background screening, they start getting down to 40 to 50% rejection,” said Keith Rosenblum, national accounts senior strategist for workers compensation risk control at Lockton Cos. L.L.C. in Kansas City, Missouri. “My response to that is, ‘Look, you’re eliminating the bottom feeders.’ These are the people that create disruption in your service.”

Cleard.life Comment: It’s extremely rare that anybody challenges the Cleard.life result because it’s all self-admitting. Candidate’s speak one-on-one with a very experienced, qualified vetting officer to explain their behaviour or actions – it’s not a multiple choice written test or exam. It’s an conversational interview where the Candidate feels that they have been heard. There is a high level of respect, due process, natural justice and procedural fairness all inside the 1 / 2 / 4 hour interview.

Source: http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/00010101/NEWS08/912314251/Dishonest-job-candidates-fall-to-integrity-tests

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