Pushback: We don’t require your background vetting service

CLEARD.LIFE: As a leader in national security clearances, we also have a B2B pre-employment screening solution that can be incorporated into the HR and recruitment process aimed to improve, develop, maintain and create relationships with current and new clients.

HR COMPANY: As a global Recruitment and HR Services organisation, we already have internal procedures and policies that provide us with all our security clearances and pre-employment screening capabilities. As such, we would not require your services.

COMMENT: Congratulations – not all organisations are as thorough as this.

Some deficiency questions surface for other recruitment companies:

1. Do you hire in-house, qualified security vetting officers who hold the Certificate IV in Government Security (Personnel Vetting)?

2. Is the Candidate interviewed for approximately one/two/four hours in which their background is comprehensively explored and any and all relevant concerns in their life probed, similar to a national security process … which has nothing to do with the competence and role?

3.  Do you ask questions to the Candidate that relate to:
Background & Family structure
Education & Employment
Personal Relationships
Allegiance & Loyalty
Substance Use
Illegal conduct
Emotional health
Personal conduct

4. Do you ask about the Candidate’s uncheckable background issues that can stop Candidates from getting clearances due to Eligibility issues?

5. When a client asks ‘will they get a clearance if we need them to get one’, do you have the data to back up your answer?

CONCLUSION: If you would like to outsource this crucial component of the recruitment process or add it as an ‘unbundled’ service offering to your clients then make contact with us today.

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