Why Should Businesses Use A Managed Personnel Security Services Provider? MPSSP vs MSSP

You can utilise an MPSSP, like Cleard Plus, to ensure safety and compliance, while enabling your security cleared workforce to focus on more valued projects.

You may have heard of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with a dedicated Security Operations Centre – SOC. Enter Australia’s first dedicated Managed Personnel Security Service Provider, MPSSP.

Think of the MPSSP as your dedicated Insider Threat Management Centre.



As a MPSSP, we specialise in pre-vetting, sponsoring, facilitating and maintaining of AGSVA security clearances, to help your organisation stay safe and Security Cleared Ready and Defence Ready.

Our Insider Threat Management Centre is a key element in helping you fully meet the requirements of DISP membership, especially as it relates to trusted insider threat mitigation compliance. This is echoes in the Information Security Manual (Protect 10, Principal 10 Trusted and Vetted Personnel & security control 0434), the Australian Cyber Security Centre (Cyber Training, Awareness, Briefings), Australian Government PSPF 2 (Security Officers) and PSPF 5 (Governance & Reporting), PSPF 12 (Initial Suitability), PSPF 13 (Ongoing Suitability), PSPF 14 (Separating Personnel) and Department of Defence’s DS&VS and the Defence Industry Security Program DISP.

Benefits of an MPSSP and an Insider Threat Management Centre.

There are many benefits of engaging an MPSSP for organisations of all sizes.

MPSSP Benefit #1: Addresses Your GRC Concerns

Personnel Security, or more accurately, insider threats is not just an set and forget HR issue, but personnel security focuses on security, data protection and privacy. It’s about Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). A MPSSP ensures that your organisation understands its human risks and implements measures to enable you to remain secure and compliant. This drives good governance and collectively this GRC approach to personnel security is critical to your success.


MPSSP Benefit #2: Predicts, Detects and Deters unsuitable individuals, Insider Threats

For businesses without some form of internal or managed personnel security capability, the likelihood of counter-productive workplace behaviour, theft, fraud or data breaches increases dramatically. The Insider Threat Management Centre maps your personnel security landscape, ensuring that your risk profile is being managed so incidents and insiders threats are managed effectively.


MPSSP Benefit #3: Operational Expertise

An MPSSP enables organisations to have access to a suite of experienced personnel vetting officers and managers and security officer specialists – combined with specialised state of the art IT systems & process means that you don’t have to worry about finding and retaining staff or including them in headcount and annual budgets.


MPSSP Benefit #4: Minimise Costs

Outsourcing has long been accepted as a means to reduce the costs of non-core functions and provide access to skilled resources.  The majority of Australian businesses have faced some kind of bad hiring decision in the past year. These costs average 2.5x the annual salary. Then add on top of that, intentional and deliberate, malicious data breaches can run into the millions of dollars, not only in remediation efforts but also regulatory fines. A MPSSP with an effective insider threat program will help save money and time in the long run.


MPSSP Benefit #5: Speed to deploy

By using an MPSSP, your organisation can quickly and easily enhance your security maturity without the need for long onboarding and training requirements. Security Officer training courses of yesteryear were 5 days, now they are 5 hours. They might have the title, but do they really have the experience? An MPSSP can hit the ground running with their already established offering, ensuring your security posture can be immediately improved. As a MPSSP’s insider threat program has established and specialised Security Induction, Training, Awareness, Briefings and Reporting processes, tools and IT systems that support that program’s case management system – it becomes your very own Insider Threat Management Centre.


What to look for when selecting an MPSSP

There are several key factors to successfully choose an MPSSP for the needs of your business:


Vertical specialisation: Ensure the MPSSP has expertise and experience in commonwealth security vetting working with AGSVA and other exempt agencies. This type of background provides you the confidence that they know what to look for, know how to address the risk and advise you accordingly.


All-in-one service: Choose a trusted personnel security partner that can support the entire personnel journey with prevetting, facilitation, maintenance, reporting, official training and awareness programs, to name a few — included into the monthly fee. This will ensure every aspect of your personnel security approach is covered.


Outcomes-focused: The right MPSSP will understand your DISP needs, because they should be DISP Members themselves. It should offer your business tangible recommendations and outcomes that will help improve your personnel security posture. They should have a strategy to get your people through an AGSVA clearance process smooth and fast. They must have your Security Register personnel security activities a high priority and DISP Reporting ready at an instant. They need to understand security incident management, contact reporting, and travel briefings all on demand. They need to translate your risk into action.


Trusted partner: As your MPSSP will become your eyes and ears in the personnel GRC landscape, you need to ensure they understand your business needs, are the right cultural fit, and are focused on helping your business achieve its goals. Your Chief Security Officer and Security Officer need to be up-to-date with risks as they form, collaborate appropriately with AGSVA, share information with government agencies and develop risk mitigation processes to address current and emerging insider threats to personnel, assets, and information.


Why choose Cleard Plus?

We are 100% focused on personnel security — and protecting your business, brand, reputation, and assets against internal and external risks across the rapidly evolving threat landscape. We offer the complete life-cycle of personnel security services that goes way beyond a rudimentary police check! Our focus is on small to medium businesses with a government focus and providing a solution that is practical, affordable and delivers great value and ROI. Make us a non-negotiable part of your security regime today.



















If you’re considering how an MPSSP or a Insider Threat Management Centre could benefit you, get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements on call 02-6171-4171 or email  sales@cleard.life.


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