Stop: Don’t Hire that Menace!

How many times you have made the final decision to hire a Candidate for a critical role in your company?

We know this is one of the hardest jobs to perfect. They say 1 in 4 companies have made a poor hiring decision in the past year and 1 in 3 small businesses fail due to employee selection. How many times has that “right person” soured and turned out to be not so right: a poor hire, or a bad hire, or a really bad hire, perhaps even toxic, or a menace?  True, the cause could be a lot of things – poor performance, work ethics, theft, misconduct, data breaches – the list goes on.

Interestingly, we have seen first-hand how insiders and their counter-productive workplace behaviours can be predicted by simply taking the time to review the Candidate’s background. For many reasons, this has not been available to most organisations … until now.

Some of those reasons include: legal, skills, time, financial, social standard norms.

Legal. When 1:4 complaints to the Human Rights Commissioner is due to ‘criminal history discrimination’, employers are justified in being wary about asking for one to be done. Then when one is conducted and there is something that maybe irrelevant but adverse, they are in a conundrum. It wasn’t the D.U.I. 6 years ago that made the difference, someone else was a better fit for the job. You don’t have to be legally exposed anymore.

Skills. Job interviews last on average 45-60 minutes, so your skills are homed in on the ‘competence’ of the Candidate – every minute counts. Having the skills to assess ‘character’ is a trickier proposition. Many simply trust their gut. But intuition alone won’t protect you from $70,000 of direct & indirect costs of a bad decision. There is a professional way to handle this.

Time.  In the time-sensitive world of recruitment, even a slight delay could mean losing your #1 choice. Great they signed the letter of offer, subject to a background check. But the Candidate might get approached by another employer and because they are faster off the mark, your #1 choice leaves you high and dry. You just got gazumped by a nimbler competitor. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Financial.  Personnel vetting, background screening, suitability clearances and integrity checks all sound like very expensive propositions. Those words carry you into the realm of private investigators and TOP SECRET agents. Not so.

Norms.  The more background data points, the greater the skills required to obtain clarity and context. Then you need to process that information in some logical, standardised way. Is there a societal standard norm, if so, how is it defined and then how do I apply that measure consistently? Most throw up their hands. As it turns out there is a standard and it was declassified by the Australian government a few years ago.

The good news is that our team has been developing the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Vetting Officer to help employers dismantle these very issues. By using one-on-one interviews and just focusing on the Candidate’s background and character, we are able to offer employer’s clear, definitive, unbiased, non-discriminative, affordable hiring decisions.

We believe that our system can make your life and your hiring decisions easier, faster, better.

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