Are traditional background checks enough, in our complex modern workplaces?

Background checks are essential for the trust and safety of an organisation, but is a cheap & fast criminal history check truly enough to ensure that you are doing all you can to prevent workplace risk? Australian Standards 4811 Workforce Screening says ‘no’.

Consider the new wave of threats, sometimes called counter-productive workplace behaviours, and how they are front and centre in society today. They have been included in Recommendations in the Royal Commissions (Sex Abuse, Banking, Aged Care).

Chances are you won’t find that behaviour and others like it (data breaches, theft, bullying, violence, corruption) on a police check. So how do you protect your organisation’s reputation, your employees safety and safeguard the people they serve?

The standard for acceptable workplace behaviour has been elevated, so must your screening methods. 

The key to success is to raise the standard to meet Australian Standards 4811 2022.

To screen: “To test or examine someone or something to discover if there is anything wrong with the person or thing.” – Cambridge Dictionary

Cleard Life is a team of suitability vetting experts, intelligence & vetting officers, data scientists and researchers who discover and detect hidden risks that lie just below the surface of the Candidate’s profile. Through human and AI-powered interviews, analysis and recommendations, you can now hire confidently. 

Cleard Life is the standard … because it uses the Attorney Generals’ standards for honesty, trustworthiness, tolerance, maturity, loyalty and resilience. It’s the same that are used to protect very sensitive government information.

The higher standard is called a Cleard Life suitability and integrity check.

Integrity empowers performance and prosperity. Success.

Rise Above the Significant Challenges and Risks of the Modern Workforce – to the New Standard in Background Screening. Call us today 02 6171 4171.

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