To get a job you need a clearance. To get a clearance your need a job.


“The ENTIRE contracting community would LOVE a “direct to candidate” shop-front from AGSVA, and an elimination of the need to be already placed in a role that requires a security clearance a given level. We’d all be positively vetted. Make security vetting a personal obligation like a white card, wwvp, or drivers or firearm licence.” – ImaWestieCanberra via The Druitt:

Our Response: The assessment is a standalone check and recognised as an Organisational Suitability Assessment Screening qualification. By using AGSVA-approved Vetting Officers who are on the Industry Vetting Panel, the qualification anticipates the official clearance process. Decisions are made one hour after the interview, not months or years.

“Definitely a REAL and SERIOUS problem. I’ve applied for 300+ online ICT jobs in Canberra with zero success. So I started ringing the recruitment agencies to find out why. They admit that they have not been putting my application forward. They can only submit 2-3 applicants per jobs, and prioritise based on (1) current security clearance, and then (2) skills. Without a current clearance my application doesn’t have a chance.. This is unfair and illegal and the employers are missing out on potentially the most skilled applicants.” – brebsCanberra:

Our Response:  In the 1990’s one of the highly effective habits was to “Begin with the end in mind”. Ask your  private recruitment agency to make contact with us, and use our pre-employment suitability qualification at the beginning of the selection process so they can begin with the end in mind (the end = a security cleared position to be filled). Using the result internally, the recruitment agency can assess that there might be better people in the marketplace without a current clearance, but have the PROVEN character and suitability to hold one, once given the chance. 

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