To get a job you need a clearance. To get a clearance your need a job.



“The ENTIRE contracting community would LOVE a “direct to candidate” shop-front from AGSVA, and an elimination of the need to be already placed in a role that requires a security clearance a given level. We’d all be positively vetted. Make security vetting a personal obligation like a white card, wwvp, or drivers or firearm licence.” – ImaWestieCanberra via The Druitt:

Our Response: The Cleard.life assessment is a standalone check and recognised as an Organisational Suitability Assessment Screening qualification. By using AGSVA-approved Vetting Officers who are on the Industry Vetting Panel, the Cleared.life qualification anticipates the official clearance process. Decisions are made one hour after the interview, not months or years.

“Definitely a REAL and SERIOUS problem. I’ve applied for 300+ online ICT jobs in Canberra with zero success. So I started ringing the recruitment agencies to find out why. They admit that they have not been putting my application forward. They can only submit 2-3 applicants per jobs, and prioritise based on (1) current security clearance, and then (2) skills. Without a current clearance my application doesn’t have a chance.. This is unfair and illegal and the employers are missing out on potentially the most skilled applicants.” – brebsCanberra:

Our Response:  In the 1990’s one of the highly effective habits was to “Begin with the end in mind”. Ask your  recruitment agency to make contact with us, so they can use our pre-employment suitability qualification at the beginning of the selection process. This means they can begin with the end in mind (the end = a security cleared position to be filled). Using the result internally, the recruitment agency can assess that there might be better people in the marketplace without a current clearance, but have the PROVEN character and suitability to hold one, given the chance.

Cleard Life as a DISP Member is here to help solve the security clearance Catch 22 dilemma in an even more direct way.

Recently Defence Industry Security Program members can initiate and sponsor their own security clearances. This is a profound shift in the way clearances are managed. They wrote:

“Businesses can sponsor their own employees’ security clearances up to NV2.”

We support businesses and organisations through a premium personnel security support and facilitation service. We offer a full life-cycle of vetting: from our pre-vetting products, to candidate e-pack consultation and an optional ongoing suitability maintenance regime (eg. mandatory training, awareness, briefings etc) with reporting back to their own security registers.

We also offer HR security strategy, policy & procedure development with a keen emphasis on the expanding 7,000 companies who work and want to work in the defence industry.

The workforce behind the defence force needs to be a trusted workforce.

In short, we manage your security clearance portfolio needs.

Call 02-6171-4171 to register your interest and also ask about continuous employee trust monitoring service.

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