Lurking behind every start up pitch, funding proposal and service offer is an unspoken sentiment: I don’t really know this person.

Lurking behind every funding or proposal – whether it is a start-up pitch, or a service or product offering – there is an unspoken sentiment: “I don’t really know this person. Who are these people? Are they honest? Are they trustworthy”. Yes a signed confidentiality agreement maybe in place. Yes, you might know of a person. But when 1:20 people have a criminal records, 1:25 have a debilitating mental health issue, and drug users are rampant – decision makers OUGHT be wary.

WHAT IF you could establish your credibility and character upfront by going through the highest security clearance vetting interview in the land, processed by the leader in national security vetting in Australia. Now you have evidence that is demonstrates your standing.

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Decision makers, committees and funders: Consider requesting that key personnel that pitch their services products or companies to you go through a high end character test.

IF you have ever needed to have your official SECURITY CLEARANCE verified before entering into a high level briefing or meeting, you know how it helps to build the level of trust so quickly.

Cleard.life is able to deliver on this so comprehensively and able to close the credibility gap so remarkedly that it is becoming the standard by which all businesses will operate on.