Security Expert: well-executed inside job will always wreak the most havoc and inflict the most pain: ‘trust but verify’ your insiders’ backgrounds.

James Goodnow is a brilliant, creative, compassionate attorney and a technology aficionado in Phoenix, Arizona who’s been named one of America’s Techiest Lawyers by the ABA Journal, the official publication of the American Bar Association. Apple actually selected him as the first lawyer to be featured in one of its commercials, and also spotlighted him and his colleagues on Apple.com. Additional media coverage can be viewed at LegalCommentator.com.

“Much like an old-time bank heist from the movies, a well-executed inside job will always…”

Wreak the most havoc and inflict the most pain. Access to proprietary information, passwords, and more is always going to be the most dangerous.

What do you do? In the words of Ronald Reagan, ‘trust but verify’ your insiders’ backgrounds and actions before handing over the digital keys to your systems.

Source: 47 Security Experts weigh in the issue: https://digitalguardian.com/blog/insider-outsider-data-security-threats

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