Extreme Referencing: It’s a tough pitfall to avoid…

You invest great effort to get your people to interview several Candidates. You laboriously negotiate with your team to pick your favourite — only to then ask the Candidate for a few references to call. After all this time and effort (which you feel is some type of distraction), you call those references with a confirmatory bias, practically begging them to tell you that the Candidate is a great widget maker etc, so you can get them on board and get back to work.

Everybody would agree that reference checks are important, so why do many smart people perform reference checks so poorly? A few reasons:

1. They know people given by the candidate as references will have a vested interest in helping the person who referred them;
2. They believe many references are reluctant to say anything negative due to policy or liability concerns;
3. Checking references is very time consuming.

Referee reports, especially “un-nominated” Referees can be an exceptionally important part of the hiring process. They offer a degree of independence and impartiality rarely found anywhere else. However, not many employers are trained to procure what the vetting trade call “developed” referees and they simply go with “Referee Aunt Betty, or perhaps the Referee who is the in-law”.

Extreme Background Referencing: Two Options:

1. Bring Your Own Referee Comments. As part of the general CL1, CL2, CL3 Assessments, the Sponsor/Employer/Provider can provide “additional information” which can include adverse or dubious comments that you have obtained from Referees. Our Vetting Officers will get to the bottom of the allegation or the raised issue.

2. Let us do it. We offer a “Referee Addon” option which means, for a fee, you provide a name & the number of a (nominated) Referee to interview. We’ll interview that person and also an un-nominated (if we can get it). We tell all the Referees that the conversation is confidential, that we protect our sources and never disclose or identify who we have talked to with the Candidate. This allows the Referee a safe place to speak freely. We then interview the Candidate and again get to the bottom of any issues or red flags that came up.

If you want your hiring decisions to be even made even more certain and reducing the risk of organisational reputation loss, then extreme referencing is the way to go.

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Article inspired by: https://www.forentrepreneurs.com/extreme-referencing/