How #regtech + suitability clearance = PERSEC compliance.


How #regtech + suitability clearance = PERSEC1 compliance.

We are a team suitability experts, engineers and data scientists passionate about building better solutions to stop trusted insiders and counter-productive workplace behaviours from disrupting your workplace, operations and reputation.
In this instance, we focus our attention on the #regtech trend and how our solution can apply to public sector Agencies.

PERSEC1 is a mandatory requirement which applies to all agency personnel. Agencies at a minimum, must assess that personnel are of good character.

In the Attorney General’s 2016-2017 Compliance Report it indicates that 91.4% of Entities are compliant. But what lies beneath this statistic?

How did the 85 entities arrived at the determination that they have suitable personnel or good character? It is highly unlikely that they used the Attorney General’s Adjudicative Guidelines to derive their outcome.

No-one really believes a ‘clean’ National Police Check defines a person as ‘suitable’ or ‘of good character’.

The unmitigated risks associated with Trusted Insiders and counter-productive workplace behaviours is enormous.
The Australian Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) (refer to PERSEC6) is the one group that consistently applies the AG’s suitability standards, practices and yes, a suitability determination – for different levels of clearances. But most Agencies don’t comply with PSPF-defined suitability standards. Furthermore, as Agencies don’t require a full national security clearance, anyway, they don’t reach out to the ASGVA.

Now, if 60% of Government personnel do not require a national security clearance (and perhaps well over 80% if you include state & local governments), then why is there not a non-national security ‘suitability clearance’ alternative that meets the AG’s suitability standards – without the time, cost and resource problems of yester-year?

Enter #regtech

#regtech is a term coined to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We can see how Cleard Life can provide Agencies compliance confirmation of the ‘suitability’ of personnel.
Specifically, Cleard Life, using ML and AI consistently applies Attorney Generals’ Adjudicative Guidelines to ensure the PSPF-definition of “suitability” is adhered to and complied with – from a ‘non-national security’ perspective. This includes the Whole Of Person concept and the specific character metrics of: Honesty, Trustworthiness, Tolerance, Maturity, Loyalty & Resilience (HTTMLR)).

In other words, our on-demand AI vetting platform (which uses one-on-one Interviews & Analysis) truly provides the missing element: suitability.

When Agencies combine their three elements (eligibility, identity and agreement to comply), with our suitability assessment, the Agency is able to fully meet PERSEC1 compliance.

Talk to us about how we can assist your Agency or as a Contractor to Government, show your have a ‘suitable’ workforce.

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