Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What?

Candidate Convictions and Individualised Assessments

Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What?

Candidate Convictions and Individualised Assessments

The Cleard Life process creates an individualised assessment which evaluates all the important factors surrounding the discovery of adverse information. This includes the nature, type, recently, frequency and severity of the behaviour and most importantly the process allows the candidate to provide information (called mitigating factors) for why that issue should be discounted to some degree. Research has found that about most employers either do not perform any type of individualised assessment when criminal convictions are present.

Making the Decision Not to Hire
Cleard Life includes a two-step adverse action process. Cleard Life discovers risks and questions are asked of the candidate in full and frank way about any adverse information – including being arrested or charged (not just being convicted of an offence) in Australia or overseas. All the favourable and unfavourable information is then analysed. By outsourcing the two-step adverse action process to Cleard Life for all candidates the employer is able to make hiring decisions which includes the candidate’s individualised background screening risk profile.

Background screening is an essential part of making a quality hiring decision. But just because a candidate has a conviction or some other adverse issue in their past, it doesn’t mean they should be disqualified from the job. Having Cleard Life take care of the fair and standardised process and having a policy in place to make decisions about backgrounds will help organisations remain consistent, fair and compliant as they evaluate prospective employees.

As an official, accredited supplier of background screening assessments for the Australian government since 2010, we have transformed vetting into a candidate-centric, faster, fairer, cheaper, better solution.

Enabling organisations to safely put the right people in the right place, at the right time reduces the pain of engaging the wrong person. Our platform is built for the processing demands of a modern economy – fast recruitment, temporary workforce, tender due diligence and personnel compliance.

What lies beneath a Candidate’s profile … needs to be a cleard life. Just like the tip of an iceberg, the Candidate may present well, but it can conceal a large mass of risk. Cleard Life checks ‘what lies beneath’ so employers can hire confidently.

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