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How the Mining Industry’s Spy and Sex Pest Register Will Work

Australia’s multibillion-dollar mining industry has been accused of failing to protect women from predatory sexual behaviour. Sexual allegations and misconduct on mining worksites are a blight on the reputation of the whole industry. A parliamentary inquiry was shocked and appalled at the scale of the problem, saying victims had faced targeted violence, stalking, grooming and [...]

Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What?

Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What? Court Convictions, Disclosable Court Outcomes: Individualised Risk Assessments – the new Australian Standard AS4811 way. Research has found that about most employers do not perform any type of individualised assessment when criminal convictions are present. Therefore an adverse or derogatory Police check “Result” from one of 165 […]

Working with Children or Vulnerable Persons? Discover Hidden Risk with Cleard Life

We have served the Commonwealth Government for over 10 years conducting national security clearances up to the highest levels. Our vetting officers are experts in lie detection and screening out people who cannot be trusted based on their background, character and other vulnerabilities.   If you have children, we know how concerned parents can be […]

​The research is in: Criminal History Checks are “Futile”:

  The research is in: Criminal History Checks are Futile. A Response to the “Scoping Review: Evaluations of Pre-employment Screening Practices.” by the University of Melbourne. Summary: Basic Screening practices which include basic referee checks and “black mark” database checks are futile.  Enhanced Screening must now be the new normal. Research: The effectiveness of criminal background checks, as […]

91% are doing background checks. This is why.

In an Ohio-based Employers Resource Association* survey… 91 percent are using background checks. That seems high. But what s.p.e.c.i.f.i.c.a.l.l.y. does that mean? A Google search? Police check? Facebook search? LinkedIn page view? A 2 minute call to the a previous boss? But more importantly, what do you do when you receive an adverse result? To […]

A Response to the “NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework.”

  Our Response to the “NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework”. NDIS: How it will work: A nationally consistent screening process will be developed: the results of the screening process for an applicant will be valid throughout Australia, regardless of the state or territory in which it was issued. Cleard.life response: As a national security vetting […]