Working with Children or Vulnerable Persons? Discover Hidden Risk with Cleard Life

We have served the Commonwealth Government for over 10 years conducting national security clearances up to the highest levels. Our vetting officers are experts in lie detection and screening out people who cannot be trusted based on their background, character and other vulnerabilities.


If you have children, we know how concerned parents can be about the lack of vetting and background screening in day care centres, schools and churches. When we heard that 1 in 6 WWCC holders had criminal records that were not even looked at or reviewed, we were shocked.

When the Royal Commission on Child Sex Abuse recommended that better personnel screening needed to be done, we couldn’t have agreed more.












So, prompted by our unique station in life, we created a fast, affordable, reliable and scalable integrity checking screening solution to help solve this challenge head on – it’s called cleard life.

We augment (enhance) and/or supplement (improve) the way you do your checks. It you obtain a WWCC or a Police Check, don’t stop that process, but don’t SOLELY rely on it, either. We vet your people at the right moment (preferable at shortlisting stage), screen them across all dimensions that matter, and evaluate them in the smartest and fastest way possible.

Cleard life has four different levels of screening intensity. It is currently being used by companies and organisations to create trusted workforces because its more rigorous than a Police Check and a WWCC. It can be used for volunteers all the way up to vetting board members.

If you would like to start using this product for your organisation, then get in touch today.