About us

Mission: To Strengthen Australia’s Integrity for Society’s Betterment

Vision: To bring about an unbroken state of affairs, where integrity empowers the performance and prosperity of government, businesses and not-for-profits.

Strategy: To strengthen Australia’s national integrity system through faster, cheaper, smarter, better personnel vetting practices which enables the right person to move into the right position at the right time which in turn helps to prevent integrity problems from occurring.

Quote: “Integrity has a clear intrinsic value – it is inseparable from the idea that it is better in any walk of life, including life serving others, to act reliably and with virtue, with fidelity and honesty, responsibly and appropriately, with a clear sense of proper, legitimate purpose and unaffected by the corruptive and perverse.” and “What becomes quickly apparent about those countries at the top of the Prosperity Index is that they are countries that have fundamental adherence to the rule of law, a significant absence of institutionalised corruption and high levels of integrity in governance. The exact opposite correlation is observed at the bottom of the Prosperity Index.” – Chris Field, Western Australian Ombudsman.

Disruption is ripe when any industry is characterised by being:
. Highly Regulated & Convoluted
. Slow & Expensive
. Ineffective & Frustrating

We want to change that by being:
40x Faster
21x Smarter
10x Cheaper
100x Better

Cleard.life is a high-end background checking organisation. The company’s commonwealth security vetting expertise together with intelligent screening interviews, analysis and reporting software delivers faster, cheaper, smarter, better recommendations. This enables organisations to safely put the right people in the right place, at the right time.  Built for the processing demands of a modern economy including fast recruitment, tender due diligence and personnel compliance, Cleard.life is helping intelligence contractors, the pubic sector and not-for-profits reduce the pain of engaging the wrong person.