Are You Vigilant in your Vetting? Types of Background Checks before your Hire.

Troubling research is coming to light concerning the disparity between personnel security ideas and reality.

For example (notice the slippery slope as what constitutes good proactive screening):

  • 85% cent have convictions that ‘some’ things should bar employment in their organisation.
  • 1 in 2 (61%) thought police checks ‘essential’ for prudent pre-employment screening
  • 1 in 6 (17%) indicated that their organisation conducts police checks on potential employees.

* Employers are five times less likely to follow through with their employment screening convictions.
* Even when settling on doing a Police check for prudence, employers are 3.5 times less likely to make the candidate go through the process anyway.

Do you see the cognitive dissonance? Or is it hesitation?

Organisation Push-back:“Yes, yes – there is ‘some’ standard. But we are unsure of what it is, who else is doing it and what needs to be done to prove (one way or the other) that standard. Expertise, budget and time constraints plus the risks of employer discrimination are significant considerations.”

There are some ‘essential’ prudent pre-employment screening checks that should be considered:
1. Financial check
2. Criminal check
3. Mental Health check
4. Workplace Security Violation check
5. Drug Use Check
6. Alcohol Use check
7. Loyalty Check
8. Personal Conduct Check
9. Resume Check
10. Eligibility Check


​Imagine having ALL these checks completed in a matter of hours?

How? By outsourcing your vetting to vetting professionals.

The sad thing is:
1 in 3 (38%) later discover that employees lied about, or failed to disclose, important information about their background.  Commonly cited examples include falsified qualifications and employment history, lying about the reasons for leaving prior employer and not disclosing criminal convictions.

As J. Ahern said:
“Internal crime has the ability to destroy an organisation’s reputation, impact its bottom line and open the gates to cyber-crime. These findings are a wakeup call for all organisations to be more vigilant in vetting potential employees.”

With a Suitability Assessment, you find the sweet spot of:

  • A “GO/ NO GO” predefined standard
  • BYO ID, Police checks and other checks (if you already have a vendor)
  • Wide range of checks completed
  • Mitigate anti-discrimination risks
  • Value for Money
  • Fast – done inside your short list selection process
  • Comply with AS4811 Workforce Screening
  • Manage your personnel risks
  • Personnel governance is complied with


There is a smart, fast way to hire confidently.

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