Now you know.

So what do you guys do, again?

Let’s ask you a question …

Did you know that employers can experience massive pain when hiring the wrong person? The cost is huge and the pre-employment & rehiring market is a multi-million dollar industry. The costs include legal, reputation loss, fines, productivity loss, retraining costs, morale, work-cover leave etc. is a personnel screening solution that checks 10 dimensions of a person’s background and assesses their character qualitatively. Unlike other alternatives, we interview Candidates “one-on-one” using official Commonwealth approved vetting officers and we don’t rely just on “black-mark” databases like the national police check, which provides less than 1/10th of the information we need. is powered by a leader in the provision of national security clearance. Our business model, if you will, and how we make money by interviewing and assessing Candidates on behalf of Sponsors. In essence, we alert employers of potential “rotten apples” before they enter the doors.

Our vision is to stop the pain of a hiring the wrong person. We work with Commonwealth agencies, Recruiters, Employers of all shapes and sizes. So now that you do know, you can get involved because your people — and the people, information and resources that they have access to — need to be safe and secure.

So what do you guys do, again?   Now you know.

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