Now you know.

So what do you guys do, again?

Can we ask you a question first?

Did you know that employers can experience massive pain when hiring the wrong person? The cost is huge and the pre-employment & rehiring market is a multi-million dollar industry. In some industries, rehiring market it up to 40%. These are costs such as include legal, reputation loss, fines, productivity loss, retraining costs, morale, work-cover leave etc.

Cleard life Vetting Agency (CLVA) offers personnel screening solutions that check 21 dimensions of a person’s background and assesses their character qualitatively. Unlike other alternatives, we interview candidates “one-on-one” using official Commonwealth approved vetting officers. We don’t rely just on “black-mark” databases like the national police check, which provides less than 1/21st of the information we need to make a fair, unbias, non-discriminatory ‘people risk’ assessment.

Cleard.life is powered by a leader in the provision of national security clearance. We interview and assess candidates on behalf of sponsors/employers. We alert them of potential “rotten apples” before they enter the company door. Our vision is to stop the pain of a hiring the wrong person. We work with Commonwealth agencies, recruiters, employers of all shapes and sizes.

Cleard Life has recently developed the world-first AI vetting interview and assessment for hiring managers who want to automate their background screening process and gain deeper insights into ‘people risk’ before placing them into positions of trust.

The process is simple. Just like a human vetting officer, our AI interviewer, named Stephanie, asks candidates questions and analyse their responses to deliver insightful data that flags risks like counterproductive workplace behaviour, drugs use, criminal history, to name a few. The data is reviewed by a human vetting officer and a risk rating result (green, amber, red) is then delivered to the employer to help them make well-informed hiring decisions. Our integrity check product is the only one on the market that actively listens to candidates and asks highly relevant follow-up questions.

Clients have reported overall risk mitigation and improved compliance – plus they consider it a fast process and candidate centric. They like the idea of letting vetting experts assure their people are trusted and vetted.

CLVA can be used at the beginning of the recruitment process to screen candidates for character attributes or to assist with internal transfers moving into higher positions of trust. Using our technology allows the security and HR teams to give every candidate a chance to showcase their skills beyond their resume. It also gives the recruiting team insightful data to use when making shortlisting decisions and progressing candidates to second-stage interviews.

ROI at a glance:

  • Reduced Insider Threat Risks
  • Improved security posture
  • Reduced the risk of a bad hire
  • Amplified employer value proposition
  • Able to screen for character and integrity attributes early in the recruitment cycle


So now that you do know, you can get involved because your people — and the people, information and resources that they have access to — need to be safe and secure.

So what do you guys do, again? Now you know.

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