Society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting

Society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting

​Three Royal Commissions have said (Sexual abuse), are saying (Banking) and will say (Aged care) that society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting. Society now trades on trust, but we don’t overtly check a Candidate’s Honesty or Trustworthiness with any sense of importance, rigour or unifying standard. If integrity empowers performance and prosperity, why are integrity checks so few?

Cleard.life is a background screening and assessment agency with a difference. Our suitability expertise comes from nearly a decade of commonwealth security vetting experience (we process around 10% of TSPV clearances on behalf of the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency). We are also partnering with university and government research labs to research the economics of trust, security economics and spur on cutting edge R&D to improve human-computer interaction.

In other words, we are a team of specialised suitability experts, engineers, data scientists and researchers that are passionate about building better solutions to stop malicious trusted insiders and counter-productive workplace behaviours from disrupting workplaces, operations and reputations.

A world first, we use artificial intelligent screening interviews, analysis and a unique reporting platform to deliver faster, cheaper, smarter, fairer, better suitability recommendations than ever before. Next day Delivery. 100x faster and a fraction of the cost.

Enabling organisations to safely put the right people in the right place, at the right time reduces the pain of engaging the wrong person. Our AI Vetting system is built for the processing demands of a modern economy – fast recruitment, temporary workforce, tender due diligence and personnel compliance.

What lies beneath a Candidate’s profile … needs to be a cleard life. Just like the tip of an iceberg, the Candidate may present well, but it can conceal a large mass of risk. Cleard Life checks ‘what lies beneath’ so employers can hire confidently.

Talk to us about how our Organisational Suitability Assessment and Qualification can help. Phone (02) 61-71-41-71.

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