AGSVA Baseline vs PSPF Goldilocks Clearance – the requirements compared. Plus Five Recruitment Trends to Watch.

FIVE Recruitment Trends to Watch:

1. Australian Standards for employment screening (AS 4811-2006) will be updated, after 15 years, to include adjudication.
2. Critical Infrastructure expanded & positive security obligations (personnel vetting) tightened – covering 1.6+m employees.
3. The expanded Critical Infrastructure sector – Defence Industry – must sponsor & manage their own AGSVA security clearances.
4. PSPF personnel ‘suitability assessments’ that are not too official, but not too light will be required for all government, contractors and supply chains.
5. ISM P10 changed to require all people to be ‘trusted and vetted’ (no, a police check & a ref report is not enough.)

Do you want to uplift to ‘better’ employment screening practices, then consider this recommendation from the NSW Government:


With those trends and recommendations in mind, let’s take a look at the differences between an official PSPF-AGSVA Baseline security clearance and Cleard Life Vetting Agency PSPF suitability assessment.

The commentary on the right hand side (especially point a) considers employers (eg. critical infrastructure entities – point 2 above) who may have offshore workers. In most cases, non-Australian citizens cannot obtain an AGSVA national security clearance – at any level. The PSPF suitability assessment, therefore, is more flexible and can accommodate for this workplace diversity.

A complex AGSVA Baseline takes on average 144 days and costs $886.

Our CLVA quick assessment Decisions use qualified, security cleared, AGSVA experienced Assessors to deliver fast, affordable and fair results – same day / next after the interview, for as low as $279.


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