Background Checks Don’t Need to be Time Consuming, Costly, Difficult or Compromised.

The above info-graphic is an example of a large “QUICK AND EASY” verification company. We do not dispute their facts on the left-hand side. But here is our response to the driving factors:

Manually Checking: Cleard.life Response: If 53% of CVs have false or misleading items, then a ‘manual’ check (using real life vetting officers) would be prudent. Why? Because the apparent evidence speaks against the overall “Honesty” of the Candidate. However, to disqualify a Candidate due to a plausible or explainable gap, anomaly or discrepancy would not be in the best interests of anyone. Therefore, having an independent vetting officer interview the Candidate to find out the degree of falsification or fabrication, discuss any other adverse information (eg. A Disclosable Court Outcome) as well address undetected activities (that a cheap online verification check could never uncover) is the best way to comprehensively assess one’s character. Our qualification is value for money, in fact surprisingly so. Our 3-day turn-around assessment is not difficult … for us, you or the Candidate.

Posting or emailing: Cleard.life Response: Agreed. But the Applicant often-times needs to upload identify docs somewhere/somehow to start the process. In contrast, we ensure that the identity, privacy and security of the Candidate is maintained at all times.

Human Error: Cleard.life Response: It depends of what type of humans you use and how good your quality assurance process is. Even if the Police or Bankruptcy check is true, the issuing authority never makes an “assessment” for you. It never uses an unbiased, non-discriminatory standard set up by the Attorney Generals Department. We have more than 350,000 public sector staff and contractors who have met and maintain the standards of Honesty, Trustworthiness, Tolerance, Maturity, Loyalty and Resilience in Australia, so using our “humans”, you will revolutionize and enhance the quality, consistency and standard of your screening process.

Compliance with Australian Standards. Recent changes in AS 4811 Workforce Screening requires a suitability interview and risk assessment to be done for every candidate. Ask your background screening company if they do that. Not many, if any, do.

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