Security Expert. Insiders can also face external circumstances which make them feel desperate. Inside threat monitoring is usually shared with HR.

Greg Mancusi-Ungaro is responsible for developing and executing the BrandProtect market, marketing, and go-to-market strategy. A passionate evangelist for emerging technologies, business practices, and customer-centricity, Greg has been leading and advising world-class marketing initiatives, teams, and organizations for more than twenty-five years. Prior to joining BrandProtect, Greg served in marketing leadership roles at ActiveRisk, Savi Technologies, Sepaton, Deltek, Novell, and Ximian, building breakthrough products and accelerating business growth. He is a co-founder of the openSUSE project, one of the world’s leading open source initiatives.

“Both inside and outside threats pose credible risks to enterprises and organizations, but they each create…”

Very different security requirements. In the end, the human costs of inside threats make it crucially important that a firm do everything it can to identify likely threat actors and monitor their activities, while the business costs of outside threats can literally cause a company to have to close its doors.

Inside threats – either employees or trusted parties with an axe to grind – have many different origins and expressions. Employees can feel under pressure after reorganizations, after transfers, if an expected raise or promotion does not come through, or any of a number of other office situations. Insiders can also face external circumstances which make them feel desperate – a change in the status of a relationship, unexpected expenses, or health-related issues, for example. Responsibility for inside threat monitoring is usually shared by HR, Security, and IT teams. Increasingly, security teams are also using external cyber activity monitoring tools in an effort to unearth online activities – posts, rants, and tweets – that might indicate that a threat is imminent.

Source: 47 Security Experts weigh in the issue: https://digitalguardian.com/blog/insider-outsider-data-security-threats

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