87% of Data Breaches caused by employees and contractors. 1 in 5 are malicious insiders.

Among 874 incidents, as reported by companies to the Ponemon Institute for its recent Cost of Data Breach Study, 568 (65%) were caused by employee or contractor negligence; 85 (10%) by outsiders using stolen credentials; and 191 (22%) by malicious employees and criminals.

Data breach cost per breach $2.5 million. The report goes on to say that organisations should consider “Recruitment and retention of knowledgeable personnel” to reduce their costs of data breaches.

47 data security experts answer the question:

The threats that pose the greatest risk to companies come from…”


Insider Sabotage’ are among the Top 3 Threats that CISOs Can’t yet Handle.  35% of chief information security officers still lack the best practices to handle it properly.

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