How to add a background screening option to your unbundled recruitment offering.

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As a Recruitment Agency, consider how you can stay ahead of the trends and protect your clients. Security, ICT breaches, personal safety, fraud, adverse mental health, financial issues, illegal conduct all risk derailing your recruitment recommendations. We discover hidden risk.

Personnel security is fundamental to good business. Most personnel strive to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. However, it would also be negligent to ignore the risk of someone deliberately causing harm or exploiting their positions of trust.

1:20 have a criminal past, 1:50 workers are on the illegal drug ICE, 1:25 have a debilitating/untreated/undiagnosed mental health issue. 3:5 candidates don’t disclose criminal history even when asked in the job interview.

Do you 100% always detect it during the interview and recruitment process?

NSW ICAC Employment Screening Handbook: “Employment screening typically consists of checking a candidate’s identity. There are better practices available to inform employment screening such as the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).”

An official Baseline Clearance may stop 1:1,000 – for you it might be perhaps 1:500. So the process won’t reduce availability of staff or capability, but it will increase the character and the integrity of the staff you recommend. Bonus, your client’s security posture strengthens too.

Why not add an Australian Standard 4811-2022 Workforce Screening suitability interview into your unbundled offering?

When we say suitability – we don’t mean we assess suitable skills, suitable Resumes, suitable cultural fit or organisational fit, or even suitable competence: none of that – that’s your domain!

​We mean suitability as the Attorney General guidelines look at it for personnel who hold positions of trust. Specifically, we mean suitable character relating to the candidate’s Honesty, Trustworthiness, Tolerance, Maturity, Loyalty and Resilience. With over 350,000 people having actively met the conditions, this B2B solution proves you have done due diligence, reduces the negligent hiring risk issue, staff turnover etc and gives hiring decision makers actionable intelligence.

You many already provide a full service or an option to your clients to outsource certain functions of the recruitment process. Simply add a PSPF-compliant suitability background check to your offerings. As you normally do with an unbundled a-la-carte offering, you allow your client to select the components they want or need, allowing you to coordinate, manage the process while adding real value to your relationship.

A Glassdoor survey reported that businesses that take the time to invest in a good candidate screening process improve the quality of their hires by 70%.

What would mimicking a national security clearance process do for your value proposition?

Do you have clients who are in Defence Industry and require security cleared candidates?

Assist your clients with finding the right hire, and add a unique 21-dimension background check to your offerings and deliver ‘trusted & vetted’ staff to your clients.


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