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Personnel Security (PERSEC) still remains a challenge for DISP Members

Personnel Security (PERSEC) still remains a challenge for DISP Members. The Defence Industry Security Program normally requires a security clearance at some level to work on defence projects and get access to sensitive information. A security clearance is the official status given to someone that has been checked and vetted for the eligibility and suitability […]

Five markers to identify whether a candidate is lying in a job interview.

Identifying whether interviewee is truthful is one of the biggest challenges to human resource professionals. With the experience gained from screening thousands of candidates, we have identified five markers to identify candidate’s truthfulness which will make your work easier. Observe the following markers in the interview to figure out the truthfulness of the candidate Vague […]

A Guide to Australian Standards for employment screening

A Guide to Australian Standards for employment screening Employment screening processes is beyond the standard interview process done by the recruitment companies. Employment screening needs extensive resources and systems that are designed to uncover the information that a company requires to make an informed decision about the suitability of a candidate during the hiring process. […]

A complete guide to Pre-Employment Screening

  Pre-employment screening is one of the essential steps of the hiring process. Conducting these screening procedures can significantly increase the chance of finding a perfect employee for the job. The times when hiring decisions were made solely based on the interview process are long gone. Nowadays, people are relying more and more on pre-employment […]

5 things every HR Professional should know about Background Checks

It is important for any organisation to conduct proper background checks on prospective employees to ensure only the right candidates are hired. Background checks of potential employees can prove to be an eye-opening and useful tool for all types and sizes of business. They can actually help HR with making the right decisions on hiring, […]