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AGSVA Baseline vs PSPF Goldilocks Clearance – the requirements compared. Plus Five Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2021.

FIVE Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2021: 1. Australian Standards for employment screening (AS 4811-2006) will be updated, after 15 years, to include adjudication. 2. Critical Infrastructure expanded & positive security obligations (personnel vetting) tightened – covering 1.6m employees. 3. The expanded Critical Infrastructure sector – Defence Industry – must sponsor & manage their own […]

HR tech trends of 2021: Four key areas to watch

Cyber Security Risk Audits start to look at the HR workforce.  A recent study out of Cylab, 69% of respondents had more than 5 malicious, high-concern insider incidents in 2020. 44% of businesses had more than 10 incidents. 11% had more than 100 incidents, such as financial fraud, sabotage, data theft, or workplace violence. In 2021 this trend won’t stop. Cyber security is always going […]

Cyber threats keeping CEOs up at night

Exploring what the right cybersecurity path forward looks like when people are involved.  70,604 cyber security professionals were asked to respond to the question, ‘What Keeps You Awake at Night’, with the option to select one of three possible answers.​ a. Third Parties​ b. Insider Threats​ c. Nation State Actors 55% of cyber professionals are worried about their own staff, their own colleagues. This echoes what Terry Halvorsen, the former CIO of the US Department of Defense, said in recent Sydney conference: “The single threat to your system is people. Some of it is not even malicious. People ask what keeps me up at night? It’s people.” He then recommended business leaders to spend their cyber budget on people – before tech. That is an important statement from a person who controlled a USD 42 Billion annual  budget.    Background: Low hanging fruit are external people.   The typical corporate network topography is wide and that means a lot of potential entry points if left unsecured or vulnerable. The work from home (WFH) trend has exacerbated  this. The last thing any senior leader needs is the fallout from a major security breach or attack. We are seeing near daily headlines littered with cyber breach incidents and  ransomware of well-known brands. Closer to home they might even be third party supply chain partners.    Internal threats can cost many times more than an external attack.   Cyber professionals are aware that staff are normally, by default, accessing sensitive networks and information from anywhere, for the foreseeable future. The climate in which potential internal breaches – negligence or intentional – is elevated. Tech solutions try to secure all the hardware that the internal user accesses. This is difficult when  trusted employees WFH and use unsecured home computers, home printers, home USB sticks etc. Other tech solutions include user behaviour motioning software to detect and  alert when internal people are in the corporate network system and doing the wrong thing.    The role of trust cybersecurity     […]

About us

Mission: To Strengthen Australia’s Integrity for Society’s Betterment Vision: To bring about an unbroken state of affairs, where integrity empowers the performance and prosperity of government, businesses and not-for-profits. Strategy: To strengthen Australia’s national integrity system through faster, cheaper, smarter, better personnel vetting practices which enables the right person to move into the right position […]

At a Glance: What We Do

​Our Background Suitability Interview Questions relate to: Background & Family structure Education & Employment Personal Relationships Allegiance & Loyalty Substance Use Illegal conduct Emotional health Financial Personal conduct ​CV Check Which then is filtered through the lens of Attorney General’s Suitability Standards: Guideline A: External loyalties, influences and associations Guideline B: Personal relationships and conduct […]

Now you know.

So what do you guys do, again? Can we ask you a question first? Did you know that employers can experience massive pain when hiring the wrong person? The cost is huge and the pre-employment & rehiring market is a multi-million dollar industry. In some industries, rehiring market it up to 40%. These are costs […]

Vetting the Cleard.life way: The secret sauce.

Vetting the Cleard.life way: The secret sauce. When evaluating a candidate’s suitability, Cleard life considers the information through the lens of the Attorney General’s Adjudicative Guidelines (AG). In addition to brief introductory explanations for each guideline, the AG lists potentially disqualifying conditions and mitigating conditions, which are very useful in evaluating a candidate’s suitability. These […]

Loss Prevention and Profit Protection strategies that work for Retail.

Emerging standards and technology can be used to mitigate people risk in the retail environment and increase the quality of your candidates by 70%. We know how devastating employee theft can be: 30% of business closures blame this.     Then there are data breaches. 1 in 4 data breaches are caused by malicious employees (not accidental […]

Critical Infrastructure entities must now hunt for spies.

Critical Infrastructure entities must now hunt for spies. Preemployment screening does not hunt for spies. The PSPF does. We do.   Meet Bruce. He works for your critical infrastructure company. He is like many workers in Australia: born in another country, studied at a great university there but then moved here to make a life […]

Security Awareness and Cyber Awareness briefings for every candidate

Security Awareness briefings for every candidate … for free! It is important for employers to know and understand that candidate’s background is not filled with unmitigated risk. However, new employees to the organisation might not fully understand or comprehend the employer’s security posture and culture. That’s where a security & cyber awareness mini course comes […]

How the Cleard Life ‘truth telling’ environment is set up.

A Suitability Assessment Interview (SAI) can take as little as 40 minutes over the phone for the most Basic level assessment (CL0) and perhaps up to four hours for the human-only, highest-level, face-to-face interview (CL3). Our Vetting Officers tell candidates that they will be looking for evidence of qualities such as loyalty, honesty and reliability, […]

A Guide to Australian Standards for employment screening

A Guide to Australian Standards for employment screening Employment screening processes is beyond the standard interview process done by the recruitment companies. Employment screening needs extensive resources and systems that are designed to uncover the information that a company requires to make an informed decision about the suitability of a candidate during the hiring process. […]

What is the difference between hard data and soft data?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a known as a ‘hard data’ screening process that involves liaising directly with original issuing sources. Hard data are documents that include, but are not limited to, driver’s licences, education degrees, work permits, passports, employment certificates and practice licenses, bankruptcy checks, police checks, credit checks, digital footprint social media check, […]

How to Protect Your Company From the Cost of a Bad Hire.

How to Protect Your Company From the Cost of a Bad Hire. How Much Can A Bad Hire Cost Your Company? Why do organisations hire poorly? Luckily, bad hires and the heavy financial burden associated with them can be prevented before they occur. You can: Identify the characteristics of a bad hire BEFORE it happens. […]

Preemployment ‘Best Practice Guide’ for Social Media Screening.

Preemployment ‘Best Practice Guide’ for Social Media Screening. A digital footprint is the unique pattern of electronic transactions made by an individual’s publicly accessible online presence. An assessment of an individual’s digital footprint can provide insight into their life, interactions and personal views. This information may identify behaviours of concern or provide further assurance that […]

PRUDENT EMPLOYERS conduct background checks, are yours legally compliant?

PRUDENT EMPLOYERS can conduct checks of a candidate’s police/criminal background, drug use, alcohol habits, mental health, litigious conduct (eg. against employers), credit history and other checks and tests prior to making a job offer. However, it is important to ensure that the screening company and their processes comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, anti-discrimination legislation […]

To get a job you need a clearance. To get a clearance your need a job.

COMMENT FROM THE CATCH 22 ARTICLE: “The ENTIRE contracting community would LOVE a “direct to candidate” shop-front from AGSVA, and an elimination of the need to be already placed in a role that requires a security clearance a given level. We’d all be positively vetted. Make security vetting a personal obligation like a white card, […]

Five markers to identify whether a candidate is lying in a job interview.

Identifying whether interviewee is truthful is one of the biggest challenges to human resource professionals. With the experience gained from screening thousands of candidates, we have identified five markers to identify candidate’s truthfulness which will make your work easier. Observe the following markers in the interview to figure out the truthfulness of the candidate Vague […]

1 in 50 workers are on ICE. What can you do to safeguard your organisation?

SafeWork Laboratories* forensic toxicologist Andrew Leibie said almost a quarter of a million Australians were high on ice at work “on any given day.” The number of workers testing positive nationally increased from 1:66 in 2016 to 1:52 in 2017, equating to some 240,000 workers nationwide. In safety sensitive industries it is worse: 1:45 workers […]

Police checks during the recruitment process – to do or not to do?

​Guest #1: Our company has been discussing the necessity of obtaining a Police check for successful applicants, as part of our recruitment process. We discussed which roles a Police check should be requested for, and we concluded that whilst support roles, such as finance, HR and technology require trust and responsibility for the Company’s confidential/sensitive data, […]

How do you select the right Assessment for your organisation? Does everyone in your organisation need the same level?

​How do you select the right Assessment for your organisation? Does everyone in your organisation need the same level? Great questions. Using a ‘Scope and Effect’ grading methodology, you can self-assess and guide your organisation in classifying the appropriate level to match your organisation’s personnel risk management. CL3 CL2 CL1 CL0 < > ​VERY HIGH […]

Shying away from checking the background of employees? Here’s why.

The need for employee background checks is very well documented and yet 65% of Public Servants do not have an official clearance. However, we expect that most of private and non-profit organisations incorporate, at least at some level, an employee background check in their hiring process. Perhaps it is a Police check, or a credit […]

How Do I Start Getting My People Through A Fit and Proper Check?

How Do I Start Getting My People Through A Cleard.life Check? 1. Make contact with the Cleard.life Executive Team about your situation 2. Meet and/or Discuss the Process, Content, Terms of Service etc. 3. Nominate your Candidates 4. Receive the Results Or start your 90 day free trial and place an order right now by […]

Stop: Don’t Hire that Menace!

How many times you have made the final decision to hire a Candidate for a critical role in your company? We know this is one of the hardest jobs to perfect. They say 1 in 4 companies have made a poor hiring decision in the past year and 1 in 3 small businesses fail due […]

Why does the shared economy need a background vetting standard?

It turns out that a AUD50 police check does not buy a lot of comfort or trust these days. And the sharing economy companies and governments around the world know it. For example, 1 in 9 applicants were rejected. Ouch. Under a new state background check process in Massachusetts, 8,206 people who applied to drive […]

Phone Call: What is your security strategy?

  A Hypothetical one Sided Phone call between friends, goes something like this: Caller A: So, what’s your security strategy? Caller A: What do I mean? Well, IBM says 44.5% of breaches are caused by malicious trusted insiders. Not fat fingers, not clicking on a wrong hyper-link, not accidents, not Russian hackers. Intentional. Caller A: So let me […]

Manage your third party security risks.

Q. Does your internal security program integrate with your contract management process to ensure that third party risks are identified and managed? Embedding personnel vetting measures (such as suitability reviews and assessments) into the management of third parties (contractors, partners, and other service or product solution providers) are some of the best practices in managing […]

Pushback: We don’t require your background vetting service

CLEARD.LIFE: As a leader in national security clearances, we also have a B2B pre-employment screening solution that can be incorporated into the HR and recruitment process aimed to improve, develop, maintain and create relationships with current and new clients. HR COMPANY: As a global Recruitment and HR Services organisation, we already have internal procedures and […]

How vetting can augment and supplement the way your organisation reaches membership admission determinations.

How vetting can augment and supplement the way your organisation reaches membership admission determinations. Membership has its privileges. And members have responsibilities – like ensuring they do not throw the entire organisation (and sometimes the industry) into disrepute. So logically, whoever allows members into the organisation have an even greater responsibility to ensure that the […]

​The research is in: Criminal History Checks are “Futile”:

  The research is in: Criminal History Checks are Futile. A Response to the “Scoping Review: Evaluations of Pre-employment Screening Practices.” by the University of Melbourne. Summary: Basic Screening practices which include basic referee checks and “black mark” database checks are futile.  Enhanced Screening must now be the new normal. Research: The effectiveness of criminal background checks, as […]

91% are doing background checks. This is why.

In an Ohio-based Employers Resource Association* survey… 91 percent are using background checks. That seems high. But what s.p.e.c.i.f.i.c.a.l.l.y. does that mean? A Google search? Police check? Facebook search? LinkedIn page view? A 2 minute call to the a previous boss? But more importantly, what do you do when you receive an adverse result? To […]

1 in 4 potential employees admit to behaviours that most employers consider high-risk. HR Managers and Risk Managers need to get onto the same page.

1 in 4 potential employees admit to behaviours that most employers consider high-risk. HR Managers and Risk Managers need to get onto the same page. Independent university studies have demonstrated the value of integrity tests that screen for hostility, drug and alcohol abuse, theft and lying in the pre-employment phase. But these tests have yet […]

Security Expert: An insider with malicious intent who works for your organisation has already bypassed the majority of your security features without having to do anything other than log on to their desktop.

Marc Weaver Databasable is an IT consultancy firm that provides database administration support and specializes in moving your databases and applications into the cloud. Founded by Marc Weaver in 2015, databasable uses his vast employment experience from large financial institutions in London, Sydney, and New York. “Obviously a data security breach from an outsider will result […]

What to consider when selecting a pre-employment screening vendor

    ​What to consider when selecting a pre-employment screening vendor. Choosing a background screening provider is an important decision that affects your entire organisation, from human resources and security to everyday employee relationships. It is great to have an expert on your side, helping inform important hiring decisions – decisions which affect your organisation’s […]

A Response to the “NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework.”

  Our Response to the “NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework”. NDIS: How it will work: A nationally consistent screening process will be developed: the results of the screening process for an applicant will be valid throughout Australia, regardless of the state or territory in which it was issued. Cleard.life response: As a national security vetting […]

When Academic Admission Discretion Meets National Security.

  ​When Academic Admission Discretion Meets National Security. If you are part of a school that delivers highly specialised courses, which maybe technically UNCLASSIFIED, then know it maybe true that sensitive topics that involve Defence-related topics are crucial and central to the course outcomes and objectives. Q. Have you ever thought about screening students’ background […]

Security Expert. Insiders can also face external circumstances which make them feel desperate. Inside threat monitoring is usually shared with HR.

  GREG MANCUSI-UNGARO ​@BrandProtect Greg Mancusi-Ungaro is responsible for developing and executing the BrandProtect market, marketing, and go-to-market strategy. A passionate evangelist for emerging technologies, business practices, and customer-centricity, Greg has been leading and advising world-class marketing initiatives, teams, and organizations for more than twenty-five years. Prior to joining BrandProtect, Greg served in marketing leadership roles at […]

Extreme Referencing: It’s a tough pitfall to avoid…

You invest great effort to get your people to interview several Candidates. You laboriously negotiate with your team to pick your favourite — only to then ask the Candidate for a few references to call. After all this time and effort (which you feel is some type of distraction), you call those references with a […]

Security Expert: Efforts to mitigate the insider threat, such as additional security controls and improved vetting of new employees.

STEVE DURBIN @stevedurbin Steve Durbin is Managing Director of the Information Security Forum (ISF). His main areas of focus include the emerging security threat landscape, cyber security, BYOD, the cloud, and social media across both the corporate and personal environments. Previously, he was Senior Vice President at Gartner. “As data breaches increase, many will be the […]

A Response to the Royal Commission on Banking: Credit Verification process can be done easily and quickly

  A Response to the Royal Commission on Banking: Credit Verification process can be done easily and quickly. ​ COMMISSION: “You don’t do anything to verify what the broker tells you about the customer’s expenses, you don’t do anything to check that the information accurately represents the customer’s living expenses?” BANKER: “Their general living expenses, […]