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What is Your Cancellation / Refund Policy?

We are here to make your every interaction with Cleard Life easy and happy. We will refund 80% of the price of the assessment if you cancel the assessment before the candidate starts the interview. If the candidate leaves the interview not to return to complete it, we will refund 20%. For any further queries… Read more »

Are There Any Discounts?

Yes. Inside the Pay As You Go Plan, there is a option offering discounts if  you buy three or more assessments in advance. For example, buying 50 CL0 Assessments in advance qualifies your business for a 20% discount from $169 to an effective rate of $135.20 each. The Large Plan also offers $135.20 CL0 Assessments.

What Are The Setup Fees?

Set-up fee only applies to Channel Partner and White Label plans. Your sales representative will walk through the process.

Do I Have to Sign A Contract?

Sponsors: when an organisation signs up for an account, there are terms and conditions that need to be agreed before a candidate interview request is activated. Candidates: may be required to sign a Statutory Declaration (informed consent) prior to the sponsor initiating a CL1, CL2, CL3 Suitability Assessment.  

What Happens At The End Of My Free Trial?

After the end of the 90 day free trial, you will be able to move to the $5/m Pay-As-You-Go Plan, Large or Dedicated Plan and your profile will remain active on our system. During the trial, you can will be able to order all levels of assessments. You can also upgrade to other plans at… Read more »

How Does the Free Trial Work?

The free trial has two parts. The first is a free, no obligation 90 days (3 months) on our Pay-As-You-Go plan, so you can check out our portal, process and other reference material, without being rushed. The second part is when you are ready, you submit your first candidate to be assessed – that first… Read more »

What Are My Payment Options?

Depending on the plan, payments can be made by credit card and/or direct transfer. The Dedicated Plan allows for invoicing in arrears.

What If I Need More Than 5000 Checks?

We would love to partner with you in developing either a white-label plan or a channel partner plan that exactly matches your needs, including premium APIs. A dedicated customer success team will be allocated to your account to give your business the flexibility that it needs to work effectively.

How Flexible Are Your Plans? Can I Upgrade or Downgrade At Any Time?

Our Pay-As-You-Go plan is the best option if you are looking for flexibility.  Our Large and Dedicated CL0 plans run from year to year, but we will make arrangements if a plan needs to be downgraded. Our customer success team will be able to assist with upgrading or adjusting your plan.

I Need More Screening, How Do I Upgrade?

Depending on the plan you are on, the number and level of assessments you are ordering, you might not need to upgrade. However, our customer success team would love to meet with you by chat, telephone or in person. They will be able to suggest the best plan for your needs and will walk you… Read more »

What Are The Costs Of A Cleard.life Assessment?

There are three costs: the plan, the product and optional extras. The plan can be as low as free through to $895 per month. Product (Assessments) range from the lowest CL0 to the highest CL3. There are also several “add-ons” or options the sponsor can chose at the time of order.