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My Business Has Nothing To Do With Security Clearances, And We Don’t Contract To The Government, Does That Matter?

That’s fine! Your organisation does not need to be involved in government-related work to benefit from knowing your people are demonstrably trustworthy.  Most personnel strive to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. However, it would be negligent to ignore the risk of someone deliberately causing harm or exploiting their position of trust. Some of… Read more »

Do I Have to Sign A Contract?

Sponsors: when an organisation signs up for an account, there are terms and conditions that need to be agreed before a candidate interview request is activated. Candidates: may be required to sign a Statutory Declaration (informed consent) prior to the sponsor initiating a CL1, CL2, CL3 Suitability Assessment.  

Who’s Behind Cleard.life?

Crown Vetting, a Defence Prime contractor. Since 2010, it has delivered thousands of national security assessments to the Australian Government error free and on time. From Baselines, NV1, NV2 and TSPV, Crown Vetting has become a leader in the vetting industry. Cleard Life Vetting Agency is a sister company and a wholly owned business unit… Read more »

How Can my Organisation Obtain A Cleard.life Clearance?

To obtain a Cleard.life Suitability check, it involves the following. Sponsor decides on the level of assessment Candidate completes a pre-filled Statutory Declaration (obtained from the Sponsor for the CL1,2,3 Assessments) or for the CL0, the candidate listens and agrees to the consent statements during the interview. Candidate is interviewed Result is sent to the… Read more »

Can We Bring Our Own Checks To Cleard Life For Best Practice Determination?

Yes. That’s what government does. Government departments are encouraged to procure some verification check services to meet role risk profiles but then use a ‘more intense suite of tools to complement their employment screening practices’ in order to satisfy a suitability determination. This is in harmony with the 2018 ICAC NSW publication on employment screening… Read more »

Where is the Data Processed and Stored?

Amazon’s Data Centre, Sydney, Australia. Data is recorded, processed and stored on the ASD-certified PROTECTED level servers in Sydney. Also note that our system automatically de-identifies (personally identifiable information) PII after the result has been communicated.

Artificial Intelligence Is Scary.

Understood. We don’t like the idea of being subjected to an all powerful, artificially intelligent system that solely determines employment outcomes. That is why we use the phrase Augmented Intelligence not Artificial Intelligence as our software generates explainable recommendations for a vetting expert to make the final decision. 1. We always have humans review the interview… Read more »

What Do You Cover?

Lots. There are more than a dozen dimensions of a person’s life and background – personal and professional – that is covered. In addition, each Assessment level is uniquely different in terms of length, scope, depth and the scrutiny covered. You can find a summary of the coverage here.  More than 400,000 people in Australia have been… Read more »