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What do you mean suitable?

It is a little technical – so bear with us. What we mean when we say ‘suitable’ is defined by the Australian Government, specifically in the Attorney General’s  Protective Security Policy Framework PSPF12 and PSPF13 and the related Adjudicate Guidelines & associated vetting protocols which includes the whole-of-person concept. Simply put, we look at minimum integrity requirements such as criminal/illegal… Read more »

I’m a Recruiter, What Value is Cleard Life to Me?

Risk Mitigation. Protect your clients and increase the quality of your recommendations. Employers are now expecting and demanding improvements to ‘de-risk’ their talent recruitment and ‘people-risk’ management processes. People are the weak link. Think of security & ICT breaches, workplace violence, fraud, theft, drug use, adverse mental health, financial issues, illegal conduct, Resume misrepresentation —… Read more »

What Do You Do?

Cleard.life is the missing piece. We speak directly with candidates in a one-on-one interview setting and cover many dimensions of a person’s life. Think of it this way: we get to know more about the candidate’s background and their character than any other pre-employment check on the market. ‘Black mark’ database checks and verification checks… Read more »

Does Cleard Life Conduct Referee Checks?

Yes. Although referee checking is a core responsibility of employers, we can create an extremely robust referee program for you in two ways: Bring Your Own Referee Comments. As part of ordering one of our Assessments, at no extra charge, you can provide ‘additional information’ which can include adverse or dubious comments or accusations that… Read more »

Why Is a Cleard.life Suitability Assessment Special?

It affords the sponsoring organisation confidence in their personnel determination decisions without needing to know or be aware of (or have the skill-set to process) adverse findings in a person’s background. It mimics the same comprehensive dimensions that are covered in government security clearances. It’s special because the process is fast, effective, affordable and can… Read more »

What Is A Cleard.life Suitability Assessment?

The Cleard.life background check is also known as a Suitability Assessment, Suitability Screen or a Suitability Clearance. It is the process whereby an individual is interviewed, and an assessment is made as to their honesty, trustworthiness, tolerance, maturity, loyalty, and resilience (HTTMLR) – using the character standards set by the Attorney General’s department. With more… Read more »

Can We Bring Our Own Checks To Cleard Life For Best Practice Determination?

Yes. That’s what government does. Government departments are encouraged to procure some verification check services to meet role risk profiles but then use a ‘more intense suite of tools to complement their employment screening practices’ in order to satisfy a suitability determination. This is in harmony with the 2018 ICAC NSW publication on employment screening… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Is Scary.

Understood. We don’t like the idea of being subjected to an all powerful, artificially intelligent system that solely determines employment outcomes. That is why we use the phrase Augmented Intelligence not Artificial Intelligence as our software generates explainable recommendations for a vetting expert to make the final decision. 1. We always have humans review the interview… Read more »

What Do You Cover?

Lots. There are more than a dozen dimensions of a person’s life and background – personal and professional – that is covered. In addition, each Assessment level is uniquely different in terms of length, scope, depth and the scrutiny covered. You can find a summary of the coverage here.  More than 400,000 people in Australia have been… Read more »