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What do you mean suitable?

It is a little technical – so bear with us. What we mean when we say ‘suitable’ is defined by the Australian Government, specifically in the Attorney General’s  Protective Security Policy Framework PSPF12 and PSPF13 and the related Adjudicate Guidelines & associated vetting protocols which includes the whole-of-person concept. Simply put, we look at minimum integrity requirements such as criminal/illegal… Read more »

What I Am I Consenting And Agreeing To?

For whatever reason, if a candidate is unwilling or unable to consent to the following and undergo the suitability assessment,  please let the employer/sponsor know immediately. You need to provide truthful and candid answers at the interview.  The candidate also needs to agree not to deliberately omit, conceal, or falsify relevant facts or provide misleading… Read more »

What Type Of Questions Will Be Asked Of Me?

Candidate questions will cover most areas of your personal and professional life and are used to build as complete a picture of you as possible. We need to establish whether you are suitable and whether you can be relied upon to safeguard the sensitive information/resources you will have access to. We assess your loyalty, honesty… Read more »

Do I Have to Sign A Contract?

Sponsors: when an organisation signs up for an account, there are terms and conditions that need to be agreed before a candidate interview request is activated. Candidates: may be required to sign a Statutory Declaration (informed consent) prior to the sponsor initiating a CL1, CL2, CL3 Suitability Assessment.  

How Long Will You Hold Onto My Information?

After the result has been sent, we de-identify personal information from the interview. In certain instances sponsoring organisations require that the interview notes to be destroyed 14 days after the result, other times the sponsoring organisation needs a third-party audit to verify contractual compliance, which takes longer for destruction. Either way, your details are de-identified… Read more »

Can I Appeal An Adverse Decision?

No. The candidate agrees they will not have access to the Cleard Life result, so therefore you would not be able to appeal. Also, more importantly, the character assessment forms only one part of the recruitment decision. If you were not offered the position, it might just mean there was another person more suitable for… Read more »

What ID Requirements Are There?

None. As your sponsoring organisation is paying for the Assessment, they should have already verified or at least been satisfied with your identity.

Will You Tell Anyone My Secrets?

No. Your answers and our analysis of your responses are never disclosed to your sponsoring organisation, which is confirmed at the start of the CL0 interview or in the Stat Dec you will sign before the commencement of the CL1, 2,3 Assessments. We also de-identify any personally identifiable information (PII) after the conclusion of the… Read more »

Why Do I Have To Prove Myself?

Trust, but verify. The candidate has a burden of persuasion to obtain a favourable suitability decision. A person who seeks access to sensitive organisation information enters the relationship with the employer predicated upon trust and confidence. This relationship transcends normal duty hours and endures throughout off-duty hours. The employer therefore reposes a high degree of… Read more »

I Need Tech Help With The AI Interview

OK – we’re here to help. If you are a candidate needing help to start, continue or complete your AI interview, these questions (and more) are answered in the link below: What web browser is most compatible to work with Stephanie? What devices or platforms can I use for running Stephanie? Why can I hear… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Is Scary.

Understood. We don’t like the idea of being subjected to an all powerful, artificially intelligent system that solely determines employment outcomes. That is why we use the phrase Augmented Intelligence not Artificial Intelligence as our software generates explainable recommendations for a vetting expert to make the final decision. 1. We always have humans review the interview… Read more »