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You Don’t Do National Police Checks?

In limited circumstances, yes we do. However our approach to criminal history screening is positively different. It is more comprehensive and effective as we open the aperture to cover police issues, interaction, arrests and charges – not just convictions. There is a futility of conducting police checks for criminal background information when no such information… Read more »

What Is Wrong With The Working With Children Check (WWCC)?

It depends. What are your expectations? If you knew that 1 in 6 of your staff or volunteers had criminal convictions, do you think your community of interest or the parents/care-givers of those you serve would feel that you have applied adequate duty of care or safeguard measures into your background screening program? 1 in… Read more »

What Don’t You Do?

We do not duplicate what you have already done or about to do. Your organisation has probably done a lot work to get to the short-list stage – including selection criteria analysis and candidate ranking. Using the AS 4811—2006, Australian Standards Employment Screening as your guide, or your own organisation’s processes, you might need to… Read more »

What Are The Consequences Of Incorrectly Identifying A Person?

• Fraud risk: a person without entitlement receiving a financial payment or other non-financial benefit as a result of a transaction (e.g. payment of a benefit or grant) • Security risk: a person gaining unauthorised access to information, facilities, goods or services, particularly those of a sensitive nature • Privacy risk: a person gaining unauthorised… Read more »

Can We Bring Our Own Checks To Cleard Life For Best Practice Determination?

Yes. That’s what government does. Government departments are encouraged to procure some verification check services to meet role risk profiles but then use a ‘more intense suite of tools to complement their employment screening practices’ in order to satisfy a suitability determination. This is in harmony with the 2018 ICAC NSW publication on employment screening… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Is Scary.

Understood. We don’t like the idea of being subjected to an all powerful, artificially intelligent system that solely determines employment outcomes. That is why we use the phrase Augmented Intelligence not Artificial Intelligence as our software generates explainable recommendations for a vetting expert to make the final decision. 1. We always have humans review the interview… Read more »