Now you know.

So what do you guys do, again? Let’s ask you a question … Did you know that employers can experience massive pain when hiring the wrong person? The cost is huge and the pre-employment & rehiring market is a multi-million dollar industry. The costs include legal, reputation loss, fines, productivity loss, retraining costs, morale, work-cover […]

The Importance of Organisational Reputation. What it is and what you can do to increase it.

The reputation of your industry and your membership organisation is essential to its survival. The trust and confidence the community (industry) will have a direct and profound effect on your organisations’ standing and longevity. Occasionally, member organisations large and small, will need to respond to varying crises to maintain the reputation and standing of the […]

At a Glance: What We Do

​Our Background Suitability Interview Questions relate to: Background & Family structure Education & Employment Personal Relationships Allegiance & Loyalty Substance Use Illegal conduct Emotional health Financial Personal conduct ​CV Check Which then is filtered through the lens of Attorney General’s Suitability Standards: Guideline A: External loyalties, influences and associations Guideline B: Personal relationships and conduct […]

Lurking behind every start up pitch, funding proposal and service offer is an unspoken sentiment: I don’t really know this person.

Lurking behind every funding or proposal – whether it is a start-up pitch, or a service or product offering – there is an unspoken sentiment: “I don’t really know this person. Who are these people? Are they honest? Are they trustworthy”. Yes a signed confidentiality agreement maybe in place. Yes, you might know of a […]

Phone Call: What is your security strategy?

  A Hypothetical one Sided Phone call between friends, goes something like this: Caller A: So, what’s your security strategy? Caller A: What do I mean? Well, IBM says 44.5% of breaches are caused by malicious trusted insiders. Not fat fingers, not clicking on a wrong hyper-link, not accidents, not Russian hackers. Intentional. Caller A: So let me […]

What’s the #1 mistake organisations make when hiring temporary workers (and how can they avoid it)?

The #1 mistake companies make in hiring temporary workers is … not vetting them as if they will be there permanently. Solution? A Pre-employment screening service especially designed for Temps. We are delighted to have the opportunity to outline a recruitment solution for your temporary workforce that will dramatically reduce reputation loss and hiring risks, […]

Manage your third party security risks.

Q. Does your internal security program integrate with your contract management process to ensure that third party risks are identified and managed? Embedding personnel vetting measures (such as suitability reviews and assessments) into the management of third parties (contractors, partners, and other service or product solution providers) are some of the best practices in managing […]