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Month: September 2018

Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315b opportunity.

​Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315b opportunity. The new report from Alpha Beta for CSIRO/Data61, called “Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315b opportunity” identifies eight strategic areas where Australian businesses can succeed in creating new digital products or services. These opportunities are precision healthcare, digital agriculture, data-driven urban management, cyber-physical security, supply chain integrity, proactive government, legal informatics and […]

Society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting

Society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting ​Three Royal Commissions have said (Sexual abuse), are saying (Banking) and will say (Aged care) that society demands a higher standard of personnel screening & vetting. Society now trades on trust, but we don’t overtly check a Candidate’s Honesty or Trustworthiness with any sense of […]

About us

Mission: To Strengthen Australia’s Integrity for Society’s Betterment Vision: To bring about an unbroken state of affairs, where integrity empowers the performance and prosperity of government, businesses and not-for-profits. Strategy: To strengthen Australia’s national integrity system through faster, cheaper, smarter, better personnel vetting practices which enables the right person to move into the right position […]

How Do I Start Getting My People Through A Check?

How Do I Start Getting My People Through A Check? Create a Account. It involves some easy steps. 1. Make contact with the Executive Team about your situation 2. Meet and/or Discuss the Process, Content, Agreement etc. 3. Sign the Agreement 4. Nominate your Candidates 5. Receive the Results Or start your […]

Now you know.

So what do you guys do, again? Let’s ask you a question … Did you know that employers can experience massive pain when hiring the wrong person? The cost is huge and the pre-employment & rehiring market is a multi-million dollar industry. The costs include legal, reputation loss, fines, productivity loss, retraining costs, morale, work-cover […]

At a Glance: What We Do

​Our Background Suitability Interview Questions relate to: Background & Family structure Education & Employment Personal Relationships Allegiance & Loyalty Substance Use Illegal conduct Emotional health Financial Personal conduct ​CV Check Which then is filtered through the lens of Attorney General’s Suitability Standards: Guideline A: External loyalties, influences and associations Guideline B: Personal relationships and conduct […]

Phone Call: What is your security strategy?

  A Hypothetical one Sided Phone call between friends, goes something like this: Caller A: So, what’s your security strategy? Caller A: What do I mean? Well, IBM says 44.5% of breaches are caused by malicious trusted insiders. Not fat fingers, not clicking on a wrong hyper-link, not accidents, not Russian hackers. Intentional. Caller A: So let me […]

Manage your third party security risks.

Q. Does your internal security program integrate with your contract management process to ensure that third party risks are identified and managed? Embedding personnel vetting measures (such as suitability reviews and assessments) into the management of third parties (contractors, partners, and other service or product solution providers) are some of the best practices in managing […]

Pushback: We don’t require your background vetting service

CLEARD.LIFE: As a leader in national security clearances, we also have a B2B pre-employment screening solution that can be incorporated into the HR and recruitment process aimed to improve, develop, maintain and create relationships with current and new clients. HR COMPANY: As a global Recruitment and HR Services organisation, we already have internal procedures and […]

​The research is in: Criminal History Checks are “Futile”:

  The research is in: Criminal History Checks are Futile. A Response to the “Scoping Review: Evaluations of Pre-employment Screening Practices.” by the University of Melbourne. Summary: Basic Screening practices which include basic referee checks and “black mark” database checks are futile.  Enhanced Screening must now be the new normal. Research: The effectiveness of criminal background checks, as […]

How #regtech + suitability clearance = PERSEC1 compliance.

How #regtech + suitability clearance = PERSEC1 compliance. We are a team suitability experts, engineers and data scientists passionate about building better solutions to stop trusted insiders and counter-productive workplace behaviours from disrupting your workplace, operations and reputation. In this instance, we focus our attention on the #regtech trend and how our solution can apply […]