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Police checks during the recruitment process – to do or not to do?

​Guest #1: Our company has been discussing the necessity of obtaining a Police check for successful applicants, as part of our recruitment process. We discussed which roles a Police check should be requested for, and we concluded that whilst support roles, such as finance, HR and technology require trust and responsibility for the Company’s confidential/sensitive data, […]

Watch Out! These 3 Background Check Mistakes Will Cost You.

Many small business leaders continue to face major issues when choosing their background check options. And the result is often costly. When you’re a small business, choosing the right background checking service is a more demanding and difficult task than it is for a huge corporation, which can draw upon dedicated, more expensive, resources. This […]

Extreme Referencing: It’s a tough pitfall to avoid…

You invest great effort to get your people to interview several Candidates. You laboriously negotiate with your team to pick your favourite — only to then ask the Candidate for a few references to call. After all this time and effort (which you feel is some type of distraction), you call those references with a […]

Security Expert: The malevolent insider is the greatest threat to any company as these individuals are operating from a position of trust.

CHRISTOPHER BURGESS ​@burgessct Christopher Burgess is the CEO, President and co-founder of Prevendra. He is an author, speaker, advisor, consultant, and advocate for effective security strategies, be they for your company, home, or family. “The most serious threat to a company’s data security is the…” Insider threat, which comes in two forms: The malevolent insider is […]

Security Expert: Efforts to mitigate the insider threat, such as additional security controls and improved vetting of new employees.

STEVE DURBIN @stevedurbin Steve Durbin is Managing Director of the Information Security Forum (ISF). His main areas of focus include the emerging security threat landscape, cyber security, BYOD, the cloud, and social media across both the corporate and personal environments. Previously, he was Senior Vice President at Gartner. “As data breaches increase, many will be the […]

A Response to the Royal Commission on Banking: Credit Verification process can be done easily and quickly

  A Response to the Royal Commission on Banking: Credit Verification process can be done easily and quickly. ​ COMMISSION: “You don’t do anything to verify what the broker tells you about the customer’s expenses, you don’t do anything to check that the information accurately represents the customer’s living expenses?” BANKER: “Their general living expenses, […]

Security Expert: well-executed inside job will always wreak the most havoc and inflict the most pain: ‘trust but verify’ your insiders’ backgrounds.

JAMES GOODNOW @JamesGoodnow James Goodnow is a brilliant, creative, compassionate attorney and a technology aficionado in Phoenix, Arizona who’s been named one of America’s Techiest Lawyers by the ABA Journal, the official publication of the American Bar Association. Apple actually selected him as the first lawyer to be featured in one of its commercials, and also […]

How to keep your next event safe. 

Pre-employment screening service  We are delighted to have the opportunity to outline a recruitment solution that will dramatically reduce hiring risks, while not interrupting your recruitment processes, and complete the vetting assessments in the fastest time possible. Although we have not yet been able to customise our response to your specific hiring needs and requirements. We […]