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Appointing A New Board Member. Why Vetting Your Board Members is an Important First-Step.

Board Member Vetting: A Search for Disqualifying Attributes? While the concept of personnel vetting is usually giving someone a more intense “going over” and is becoming the norm (more than 350,000 public sector personnel have security clearances), vetting should be the standard when it comes to board recruiting. Vetting prospective board members that originate from […]

1 in 4 fail pre-employment integrity testing (sample 15,000). Is a vetting check some of the Best Business Insurance money can buy?

  Frank Russo, senior vice president of risk and legal affairs and privacy officer for Irvine, California-based elder care firm Silverado, is always on the lookout for creative ways to mitigate risk. So he was intrigued when he read the “staggering” results featured in a university study about integrity testing. He began exploring how the […]

Trusted Insiders turn Malicious. Can your business afford a $1.8 million fine for a Notifiable Data Breach?

​There are serious consequences of non-compliance. Where an organisation breaches a mandatory notification requirement, the contravention is deemed to be an ‘interference with the privacy of an individual.’ As a result, it may amount to a breach of a civil penalty provision of the Privacy Act. This could result in the organisation being liable for […]

Vetting the way: The secret sauce.

  Vetting the way: The secret sauce. When evaluating a Candidate’s suitability, considers the information through the lens of the Attorney General’s Adjudicative Guidelines (AG). In addition to brief introductory explanations for each guideline, the AG lists potentially disqualifying conditions and mitigating conditions, which are very useful in evaluating a Candidate’s suitability. These […]